3 Facts for the Day

13 06 2013

1. I think maybe sometimes all my Mommy love I pour out across my blog may give the false impression that I am always smiling, patting my little tots on the head, and singing show tunes. If I have left anyone with that impression, then I apologize. While I am madly in love with my girls, every day is not a Hallmark card or a sitcom on Nick at Night. Most days are pretty near wonderful, but each day has its moments where I either have to count backwards from 10, or have too late said something I wish I could take back. Every day is a practice in patience, where I call out to Jesus to help me be a better Mother.
2. Today we went swimming in our back yard. Even though it’s just out back, it’s a chore packing up toys, cups, floats, and towels to take out there. Then I’ll be carrying a baby seat for Bailey. I have to lather each child liberally with sunblock, and gather sun hats. It will almost make you feel like it’s not worth it. Today as I gathered a pile of stuff, Chloe placed a water gun precariously on top. I exclaimed in frustration, “I’m not a superwoman Chloe!” She simply replied, “Yes you are Momma.” It gave me pause. Yes, she things I am, and that feels pretty wonderful. We swam for maybe 45 minutes before Bailey was fussing, and Chloe was near a breakdown, with both in need of a nap. With juggling the baby, potty breaks, and tending to the pool filter, Chloe and I got to play together a total of maybe 15 minutes. She makes this face when she’s really excited that makes her shake and I could swear her eyes actually twinkle. One simple memory of seeing her expression at that moment of unbridled joy, will allow me to go through it all to swim again tomorrow, and all summer for that matter.
3. For some reason today Bailey wouldn’t nap well. It’s always a snowball affect. Once it starts, it just gets worse throughout the day. We had a family birthday party today and I did not want a cranky kid. Chloe skips naps a lot since Bailey came because I honestly don’t have the strength to fight her. Today I insisted. She fought me in true Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fashion. I ended up rocking them simultaneously, with Chloe on one side and Bailey on the other. Bailey was nursing and kept kicking Chloe. The whole time I was just trying to keep my nursing shield in place so I wouldn’t freak out the cable guy if he walked back there. (Nothing quite like putting kids to sleep with a service technician puttering away). Moments when crying, screaming, and whining fill the air will place you on an edge so precariously thin that you fear you might just slip off, or perhaps you’re ready to plunge. But then there’s the moments that lift you higher than the treetops and make you feel on top of the world. It’s like when Chloe wanted to do something earlier and I told her no. I cringed, just ready for the typical, two year old crying spell to ensue. Instead she looked at me and said, “I love you so much.” Then she walked away. It’s those unexpected moments that melt your heart, and bring tears to your eyes. It’s like when I was buckling the baby in her carseat. Chloe looked over at me and said, “You’re such a good Mommy!” It was so unprompted, and she wanted nothing in return for her compliment. Yes, these moments make me so happy. They make every little annoyance fade away. So I’m not Mary Poppins guys. But every once and a while, my kids make me feel like I am.
That is all 🙂







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