3 Facts for the Day

17 06 2013

1. It was 3 am and I startled awake because I heard the baby crying. As I lay there pulling myself out of my slumber, I thought, “Maybe she’ll stop if I just wait.” As I listened to her cries, I realized she was in the full throws of a serious crying jag, and she was not likely to settle herself easily. As I was about to raise out of bed, I heard my husband get up and make his way down the hall. I heard him scoop up the baby and her cries stopped almost immediately. I was sucked back down into sleep. When my alarm went off a couple of hours later, I realized that I had slept while Ben took care of the baby. I looked over and saw them both asleep in the rocking recliner. Ben would have to go into work later that morning as well, but had easily taken baby duty so I could rest.
2. Seeing my husband as a father has shown me a side of him I adore. It’s one of the reasons (the biggest really) that I fell in love with him. No, I didn’t know how he would be with our children. No one can know that. You can try and guess, but until you have them, you don’t truly know. What I did know when we dated, was that Ben had a good heart. I could see it in little things, like the notes he would write on random slips of paper and leave around for me to find. I could see it in the way he treated strangers that crossed his path. I married him because I knew his heart was so big, and he had the capacity to love me more than I had ever known.
3. When we had our first daughter I was not only given the gift of a child, but I became privy to watching my spouse love a little life with every fiber of his being. When I saw him smile at her, I saw an expression of sheer joy I had never seen before. I was mesmerized by the way his eyes crinkled at the corners and twinkled so merry. Yes, they really twinkled. I was gifted with having a wonderful partner to take the journey of parenthood with. Watching my spouse excel at this task, and seeing the manner in which he relishes each moment, has been an absolute treat. When I was a kid, I always said I wanted to marry a man like my Daddy. Well, Daddy can be proud. God gave me a wonderful spouse who treasures not only our children, but me as well. Happy Father’s Day Ben. The children and I are beyond blessed.
That is all 🙂






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