3 Facts for the Day

20 06 2013

1. As I rock a red-rim eyed little baby to sleep, I am reminded just how exhausting today was. More importantly, though, it was completely worth it. Today we decided to venture out of our backyard and make the trek to a local swimming hole (as us Southerners call it). It’s actually a park called Piney Grove that borders the river. There’s a partitioned off area to swim with a sandy beach and park amenities available. I’ve blogged before on how difficult it can be to go somewhere with young children. There’s a lot of preparation prior to leaving. There’s bags to pack always, but with young children there seems to be so much stuff you have to take. A day trip can feel like you’re packing for a weeks vacation. After I filled up the back of the van (Lord, thank you again for the new minivan with so much space!), I had to feed the girls, potty/diaper change them, and fix water cups for us all. When I got everyone buckled up, I realized I forgot to pack for myself. This happens a lot. I got a change of clothes, toys, snacks, and just about anything you would need for the girls, but I didn’t have a pair of undies for myself to put on after swimming. I am proud to say that after that initial trip back inside for myself, I did not have to go back again. (Maybe I’m getting better. No. I better not say that!)
2. While a jaunt for a day of fun in the sun is magical, there’s no way I’d do it alone with a baby in tow. So I took my Aunt along for the journey. When I arrived at her house, she informed me that she was watching my sister’s daughter at the last minute. Two two year olds in water, and one’s not mine. Sounded like an adventure. When we arrived, I was pleased to find a shady spot. We laid out an old blanket on the sand under a tree, and I started making trips to unload the van. I made several. As I walked with a purple horse float around my waist, I was reminded of an old John Candy movie. Once we had all the stuff in our spot and organized, we could begin getting everything ready. What?! That was Chloe’s reaction anyway. “I wanna swim!” I reply, “I know baby, but you have to put on sunscreen and your life jacket first.” She wasn’t too happy about that one.
3. We did eventually get it together, though, and we had so much fun. The girls swam. Despite my niece’s concentrated efforts, she did not drown. No one got sunburn. No one got sick or angry or fussy. (Not until the car ride home anyway). We played long and hard, and by the time we were on the road, all three girls were fast asleep. When we got back to my Aunts, Chloe did not want the day to end. She wanted to play some more! She was upset when I insisted on leaving, and naturally couldn’t understand when I said things like, “it’s late”, “need to get home”, or “get some rest”, “it’s been a long day”. As kiddos fall asleep (a little crankily I might add), I still say it was worth all the effort. All the preparation before hand helped us enjoy a nice picnic lunch, fun toys while we played, and dry clothes for the way home. For the past 6 months or so, I started prepping for my day each and every morning. I’ve gotten into the habit of starting each day by dedicating it to God and asking for His guidance and leading throughout. This daily prepping has really changed the way my day goes, and seems to make it a smoother one. I also put on the armor of God in the morning. Like Chloe’s sunscreen, it takes a minute, but the protection it provides is well worth the time. At the end of the day, it’s good to rest in God’s presence. I like to talk with Him, usually after I finish this blog, as I’m quietly rocking the baby. Every child needs rest after a long day. Even Chloe has laid down. Who knows what adventures we’ll find tomorrow.
That is all 🙂









2 responses

21 06 2013
amanda harris

More days than not I begin with a quiet time, but yesterday I didn’t. Then I read your post and knew God was reminding me to get that right. I just flipped through the Bible and opened it by “chance” to Isaiah 59. I thought it was interesting how that passage tied into your blog. It said that God dresses himself with the helmet of salvation and the breastplate of righteousness, too. Then I thought about Paul saying in Ephesians, that we are to dress in GOD’s armor. But also, a verse in that chapter said that he also wore ” a cloak of zeal.” I thought I might need to make an addition to my wardrobe now. Thanks for this post, Brie!
Amanda Harris

21 06 2013

Thank you so much for this. You encourage me as well by your comment. I love how God talks to us. Even when I wrote this post, it was like He was reminding me too. God bless you and thanks again.

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