3 Facts for the Day

22 06 2013

1. Yesterday I had a topic on my mind, but ended up putting it away until today. I’ll admit I’m pretty fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to blog topics. I give the creative control to the big guy upstairs. I’ve always been such a control freak in my life, and I’ve started trying to treat my life like this blog (in regards to control issues). That issue goes along the same lines as my blog topic for today. If a plastic surgeon is an expert at giving you a facelift, then God is the expert at giving you a life lift. I’ve been in the process, for some time, of giving over different areas of my life to Him, and surrendering control of the problem places. One such area that has given me concern is my patience with my children. Let’s just be honest. Small kids can be really annoying. Sometimes I think my two year old could try the patience of Mother Teresa. Some days are worse than others. On those days I feel my pulse rise, and my voice usually follows. Don’t get me wrong, I love my children. Some days I just wish they would put me in time out. My desire is to not let my frustration overtake me, and end up saying something Chloe would lay on a couch and repeat to a psychologist in thirty years. I have been praying and praying about this. A fantabulous thing has started happening. I noticed my patience growing, and my reactions have mellowed. I’ve always been quick to love, but am becoming more and more, slow to anger as well. I was amazed at myself the night we returned from a full day of swimming. While giving Chloe a bath, she started to whine and cry about having water poured over her head. This is normally like nails on a chalkboard to me. I mean, what is so bad about getting your hair washed?! I only wish someone would wash my hair and me not have to pay them! That night, instead of raising my voice in frustration, I kept in mind what a long day we’d had. I instead devised a game where I told her characters from Spongebob got in her hair from the lake water, and we must wash them back down the drain to Bikini Bottom.
2. A major area that The Great Physician has been operating on in my life is financial control. I’ve always been a super budgeter, to the point that I’m surprised I didn’t become an accountant. I keep track of every single expenditure, tracking debits and credits. I will plan ahead for future expenses in relation to scheduled pay days. I have been known to make charts. I haven’t had a late payment since 1997. I’m borderline obsessive compulsive on the whole checkbook and budgeting deal. Aside from my fastidious bookkeeping, I’ve also always been emotionally attached to my balance. What I mean by that is I find myself concerned over the amount that’s left in the account after payments are made, and worry excessively over if it’s enough if unforeseen expenses arise. I was like this even when I had a very high paying job in Maryland and I always had a size-able balance left over. My husband has been a major driving force in helping me with this one. He’s so relaxed about finances, to the point of almost making me want to stab him. It’s been good though. He’s shown me how to trust God for provision, while being a good steward. Funniest thing of all was he was right the whole time. When I finally stopped worrying and started trusting, I’ve watched things just seem to fall into place. We’re not Rockefeller’s by any means, but I recognize financial blessings abound.
3. I was going to blog on this yesterday. I felt so good about it all. Look at me everybody! God is changing me! Then I woke up today and got knocked down a peg. It’s been a long day with a very clingy and very whiny two year old. She’s needed to be held a lot, and cried over minuscule occurrences all day. I’ve handled the day with grace and patience, but the struggle reminded me that God is still at work. I also did a little budgeting this morning. Ugh! I felt certain when I budgeted last week after payday that the bottom line looked much better than it proved to be this morning! It frustrated me, and I voiced that to Ben. Poor guy. He was just trying to get his pants on. I realized that there he was getting dressed to go work another long day supporting his family, and I had the nerve to complain about our checking balance. I felt humbled by God. I hugged Ben and apologized for my mini-rant. That made twice today that I realized God is still doing a work in me. That didn’t get me down though. I’m actually pleased that He continues to do it. Despite all my faults, nagging, complaints, and less than stellar attitude, He still speaks to me and works in my life. He is too good to me. I was listening to some praise music on the way to my hair appointment (which I nearly canceled when I didn’t like the bottom line balance) and thought of how good God is. Do you ever do that and then feel that pain in your throat and realize you’re going to cry. The thought of His goodness filled me with emotion. I am thrilled that He who has started a work in me is faithful to complete it. It doesn’t always feel good to be a mess, but it helps when I realize He thinks I’m a beautiful mess.
That is all đŸ™‚





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