3 Facts for the Day

23 06 2013

1. There are so many small things in life that change when you become a parent. Summers out by the swimming pool just confirm this too me. Long gone are my sunbathing days, for now anyway. And I’m okay with that. It’s just an adjustment. One of the things that takes on a different light would definitely be going out to eat. When I had my first daughter, this one was a real adjustment. I wasn’t used to waiting to eat or only eating half my meal, or not getting to eat a hot meal ever again. As Chloe got older, I improvised and it seems a little easier this time around. That is not to say it’s easy. Oh no. It’s still a challenge, just doable.
2. Last night my Aunt invited the girls and I to dinner. Dinner out is always an adventure. This week I’ve been blessed with being taken to dinner twice. Maybe people see how haggard I look and figure I need a break. Either way, I’m not complaining. The thing about dinner, though, is you never know what mood your kids may be in that evening. Chloe continues to allude naps like Harrison Ford alluded capture in The Fugitive. My Aunt, the toddler whisperer, managed to get Chloe to take one yesterday. Surely this would mean a good mood at dinner. But, alas, I almost forgot, we are in the midst of a whining phase. Thus, much of the dining experience included Chloe crawling under the table to come sit in my lap. “Hold me Momma!” I honestly don’t mind. Maybe I spoil her, but I know no other way to parent than to love them to pieces and give in to their desires if no harm will come from it. Oh, I correct and discipline. Don’t be mistaken. But I hold her just about whenever she asks. I didn’t have to hold her the whole time. She spent some time campaigning in the dining room. She went to neighboring booths introducing herself to strangers. Then she would come back to our table, loudly and proudly proclaiming, “He said his name was Carlton, Momma!” She even conned one gentleman into laying out candy so she would come over. My “crazy, protective Momma” alter ego had a moment of panic, “No! Don’t take candy from a stranger!!” But then my trusting side looked Mr. All Smiles, Santa Clause up and down and decided he was legit.
3. Bailey was my angel baby. Yes, she has her moments, but usually is the easiest to maintain currently. As long as you pack a bag of tricks you can usually get some solid bites down of your own. Bailey likes little cheese puff snacks found in the baby food aisle. She also loves her new sippy cup. I put a little water inside, and she goes to town. She wouldn’t be outdone by big sister though. She wanted to be unbuckled from her infant seat so she could sit up and look around. She would stare at tables across from us and squeal until they acknowledged her. Then she would give her best giggle and revel in their compliments. Chloe ate 80% of my salad and 10% of her meal. She did manage to munch some of my entree and thought it was much better. Despite her treasure of acquired candy, when we went to leave she begged for a gum ball from the machine. It wasn’t the gum she wanted as much as to see it roll down the spiral shoot. After her first one rolled onto the floor (despite my warning of “be careful Chloe, it’s gonna roll onto the floor), she managed to empty my pocket book of quarters but fill her tank with sugar. We left with a full take out box of chicken strips and fries recovered from her plate. I was pleased to be walking out with a full belly and many oohs and aahs from the staff over my princess entourage. It’s not that bad eating out with kids; just different.
That is all 🙂





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