3 Facts for the Day

24 06 2013

1. Nothing will remind you of how amazing human willpower can be than working in a hospital setting, especially critical care. You will watch people deal with extraordinary odds, and come through barely scathed. I don’t mean they’re not injured. Oh, they are. The motorcycle accident definitely took his skin. The pneumonia has definitely taken her ability to breathe, especially after 50 years of cigarettes. That stomach operation has definitely caused pain, and taken away every bit of strength. I see people deal with pain they never thought they could, and bounce back in ways no one dreamed possible. I’m sure you’ve heard, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. While it is true, it’s not what you may want to hear in the midst of your trial. I watch people get to a point where they have nothing left, but then they do. “My grace is sufficient for you. My power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:9)
2. One struggle I’ve been dealing with is work. I’m sure most people deal with that, but you know, sometimes it’s easier than other times. Some times it’s hard enough that you question yourself and where/what you’re doing. The past two weeks of work have been very stressful, and I actually just wanted to run away and hide. I always pray before work. I try to remember that there’s no fear when God is with me. I try and remember that He goes before me and makes the way. I say try because you can know something is true beyond a shadow of a doubt, but your stubborn mind will still try to play Doubting Thomas.
3. Sometimes God uses His people to help you. I certainly feel like He uses my spouse constantly. Ben just seems to know when I need a hug, and I’m not talking about a quick pat on the back. I’m talking about those hugs that envelope you in compassionate strength and make you feel like you could melt into the love their arms and chest offer. Last night we hugged for a long time. Then we laid in the bed and talked about our dreams and God’s will. My help-mate left me calm by bedtime. Today I prayed with patients in pain and distress. Sometimes we all need a reminder of where we can turn when the road seems long and unending. “I lift my eyes up to the mountains. Where does my help come from? My help comes from The Lord, the maker of heaven and earth. (Psalms 121:1-2)
That is all 🙂





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