3 Facts for the Day

25 06 2013

1. Chloe stood by the back door, actually standing on a tiny purple chair. She was peeking through the window and yelling through the glass at her Dad. “Look at my necklace Daddy! Hey Daddy? Look it, look it!” He was mowing the yard, something he put off last Monday and absolutely had to complete today. Chloe was trying to get her Dad’s attention from safely inside because she fears the lawn mower. Chloe didn’t care for the noise and certainly didn’t understand why he was doing it at all. Her little mind can’t understand things like lawn maintenance.
2. She is a Daddy’s girl. I watched them earlier. She was hiding from him. We could, of course, see over half her body in plain view. She thought since her face was hidden and she couldn’t see us, then she was definitely invisible. When she appeared back in plain sight, we feigned surprise. Her Daddy proclaimed, “There’s Chloe!” The look of sheer joy on her face was priceless. It was the face of a child who knows her Father delights in her. I read Chloe books, but Ben prefers to tell her stories. Last night he told many, but one was Joseph and the coat of many colors. When he got to the part where he told that Joseph was his Father’s favorite, she looked confused. She said, “But I’m Daddy’s favorite.”
3. As I saw Chloe standing in that purple chair calling to her Dad, I was reminded of our Heavenly Father. My God is always at work. I cannot always understand His purposes. My mind can’t fathom why He must do what He does. Like a child, I want Him to do my will, and right then. But my Heavenly Father knows what is best for me. He maintains my grounds so that I may find comfort and rest in the shade, without fear of overgrowth in my life. He also delights in me. I may think sometimes that I know so much. He smiles at me with unconditional love, knowing that I’ve still got some growing to do, things to learn, and matters to figure out. My favorite part, though, is I’m His favorite. Don’t worry my brothers and sisters. You’re His favorite too. Such a complex, unending, and unimaginable love as His, is capable of such a thing. As Ben turned off the mower, Chloe called out, “Daddy? Can I talk to you?” As I moved her chair and opened the door to let her out, I said, “Baby, you can talk to your Daddy anytime.” Isn’t that just wonderful to remember?
That is all 🙂





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