3 Facts for the Day

26 06 2013

1. I had the joyous opportunity today of taking my children to be photographed. If something can be stressful, nerve wracking, and just plain awful, while simultaneously being fun, amusing, heartwarming, and pride-filled, then that was our evening. It made me think that having a photography session is a lot like the journey of motherhood.
2. We spent most of our day getting ready for pictures, even though they weren’t until six this evening. When you’re talking about a two year old and a six month old, you gotta start early. It wasn’t just having the right outfits. I also knew that how I structured our entire day could possibly affect our evening of pictures. I had devised a plan in my mind to insure that both children took naps, so as to prevent being tired later. I had bathed Chloe this morning, but ended up bathing her a second time. It’s near impossible to keep a kid inside during the summer, and would you really want to?! I actually ending up letting her swim a little bit. The plan was not so much that her eyes looked red or she got too much sun, but just enough that she would be pliable for a nap by three. In the life of a mother, you’re constantly making strategic plans. You’re like an army general plotting which direction to march in and make your attack. This usually ends in an ambush from enemy forces (strong willed mini-me’s), but today, for some odd reason, it all worked according to plan. Well, I did pray for God to help me today. Thanks for the back-up forces.
3. The actual shoot was a comedy of sorts. Don’t get me wrong. The photographer was wonderful, and I can’t wait to see the pictures. The amusing part was my children. The baby, when placed on different benches, tubs, bowls, or mounds of grass, took each opportunity to shine like a natural star. She would smile brilliantly with a gummy grin, or look coyly at the camera as if to say, “I know you love me dahhling.” Chloe, the two year old, was like a tiny crack addict. I am so glad for a fast shutter speed, for that kid couldn’t be still. She was everywhere, and felt like running towards the camera lens was artistic apparently. While out amongst the trees, she kept asking, “May I go on an adventure? Please, please. Pretty with sugar on it?” I kept wondering if someone was paying her to look away from the camera, and looked myself for some hidden camera men taping a reality show for MTV called “Momma’s a sucker.” The photographer snapped away while I watched worriedly, hoping Chloe would stop shaking the baby. We raced against the setting sun, wiping sweaty hair from little foreheads, and offering sippie cups of water. Watching the photographer hoping to get one good shot of the girls, while one ate her dress and the other pointed at a squirrel, made me smile. The frantic, yet adorable amusement of it all, was reminiscent of each day we have together. Beautiful, chaotic moments that are a true joy to look upon; that is my every day. I can’t wait to see these moments in time, captured on paper.
That is all 🙂





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