3 Facts for the Day

28 06 2013

1. Today I looked in the mirror at myself. Don’t worry. I happen to check myself out each day before I go into public. Today, though, I really looked at myself. No, this isn’t a self-bashing post. It’s merely an observation on self. I saw how wrinkled by pants were that I had put on. I saw how stretched out the cheap cotton of my shirt was. I observed the stain at the bottom. No telling what that was. Did I really want to know? Child body fluids, I’m sure. I was taking a sans make-up day. My hair looked descent, mostly because I just got it done a week ago. I adore my blond hair, bottled though it may be, but for some reason will allow it to get absolutely horrific before I go to the salon. It’s like I have to let it go as long as aesthetically possible, to the point of utmost self-loathing, before I get it fixed. I’ve always known my personality, but being a Mom of young children has made it all the more apparent. I am completely and utterly low maintenance. This is a nice way of saying I don’t do a lot to keep myself up. I do just enough to not scare strangers. Today I noticed my pants were sagging off my butt. For some reason, my frugal, Mommy self, will not allow me to buy clothes that fit. I’m between sizes and refuse to spend money when I can just loose 8 lbs and get into my other stuff. Does that convince me to diet. Heck no! I like ice cream and fried chicken too much. I’m just blessed that my husband likes his low maintenance lady. He would probably die if I wore eyeliner or lipstick.
2. Today also served to remind me of what a forgetful, basket case I can be. Thank God the two year old, going on 22, is able to help her poor, senile Mom out. Today I made a list for the grocery store. I purposely made it with my young recorder. Sure enough, I forgot the list at home. My tiny secretary quoted it back to me over our lunch of McDonald’s. Yep. I take my kid to fast food restaurants to consume fried nuggets of puréed animals parts. She likes it. Aside from being forgetful, I’m less than perfect. As we pulled away from Walmart, at the red light, Chloe called from the backseat, “I’m not buckled in Mom. Pull over.” Thanks again, tiny assistant. I forget important stuff sometimes. I give my kid candy too. Earlier I gave her a piece right before dinner? Why not? She still cleaned her plate. Sometimes I yell. It’s rare now, but sometimes I slip a bad word. Tonight I let the fact that Chloe swam in a bucket with the water hose count as her bath. I didn’t tell Ben that. I rushed to put her pajamas on when I heard him pull into the driveway. I’m sneaky sometimes.
3. Why do I tell you all this? I suppose sometimes it’s good to talk it out. Other times it’s good to remember your weaknesses, so you can recognize your strengths. It’s good to remember that we all fall short, but maybe we don’t have to try so hard either. That perfectly put together Mom beside you in line may just be having a really good day. You know, you had one of those last month, for 2 whole hours. I recognize that I don’t put major time into my appearance. The important part is, I do try to make myself beautiful for my husband, and he recognizes that. I also have come to a place in my life where I hope my inside is more beautiful than my outside anyway. I pray each day for God’s light to shine through my life. Plus, I think I can get a little slack right now for the wrinkles and stains. I’ll have plenty of time for irons, clothes that fit, and something more expensive than the $10 rack when my kids get older. As far as the forgetfulness; I haven’t had a night of uninterrupted sleep since my positive pregnancy test in 2010. It’s understandable. I won’t sweat the small stuff, and won’t let anyone make me! Why? Because I’m a good Mommy. I know I am. I love my kids, and would give them a heart transplant if that’s what they required. I love being frazzled. I love being stained. I desire to get better at time management, but dang it, I even love being rushed. Why? Because it represents this season of my life. We’re gonna eat chocolate before dinner in our big pants in celebration of seatbelt safety and the ability to shop without a list or make-up. Rock on Momma!
That is all 🙂





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