3 Facts for the Day

30 06 2013

1. I work in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at our local hospital. My patient today greeted me first thing with the request that he was “ready to go home!” He was eager to go despite the fact that his sternum was recently spread apart, and open heart surgery was performed 4 days ago. Heart surgery has come a long way, and usually by around day 4, the patient begins to feel somewhat better and starts thinking about going home. Some patients are so eager to heal at home that you fear they may sneak out the back door when you’re not looking. Today’s patient was no exception. He was ready to go, but his medical condition necessitated staying around a few more days. No one is ever happy to hear that. When they are ready to leave, they’re really ready, and it’s difficult to explain why they must be patient and let us complete the work we started.
2. This lesson in patience made me think of my two year old. This past week I kept the baby inside mostly since she was sick. Chloe still wanted to play outside, but hot Mississippi summers will have a kid seeking a way to cool off. Since I couldn’t make the trek farther into the back yard for her to get in the wading pool, I improvised by giving her a bucket, flower pot, and water hose. Yes, we are simple folk. We like it that way. Actually, she loved it. After the first day, she would request first thing to “go play with the water hose.” It got to where it was the first thing she would say. She would toddle around the corner in the morning, complete with bed head and rubbing of eyes, and ask to go outside with the hose. I tried to explain, “You’re still in your pajamas!” We talked about patience. “Chloe, do you know what patience means?” She replied proudly, “It means wait!” Even a two year old knows the definition, but the act of waiting is a little harder to grasp.
3. This morning my daily Bible verse app was Psalms 27:14 – Wait for The Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for The Lord. It immediately resounded in my spirit, for this is something I struggle with. Often when I seek God for a decision, I want an answer right away. Or if I feel like He’s leading me towards something; I want it to come to pass right then. I know He’s in control, but waiting patiently isn’t my strong suit. Poor Chloe comes by it honestly. Seeing Chloe reminds me of why we must often wait. Our Heavenly Father sometimes knows we’re not ready to go play outside in the hose. We need to eat breakfast, change clothes, and plain just be ready to get wet! We have to be prepared before we can go out there, and He knows it. Other times He’s still doing a work in us, strengthening us for the process ahead. Like the open heart patient, we may still have some healing to do before we can proceed to the next level in life. Be strong the verse says. Well, how do you do that? There’s a song by Chris Tomlin that says, “strength will rise as we wait upon The Lord.” And that is so true. We don’t have to be strong enough. He’ll provide that. What we do have to do is trust Him for it. When I explained to Chloe why she couldn’t go outside yet, she calmed down and sat at the table for some cereal. She trusted that since I had told her she could go outside once she’d eaten and gotten dressed, that I would stand by my word. She didn’t fret or whine. She waited. That’s something for a two year old. Once again, I marveled at the faith of a child. It inspired me. So I will renew my resolve to sit down at the breakfast table and enjoy the meal before me, waiting patiently until God tells me it’s time to go outside.
That is all 🙂





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