3 Facts for the Day

1 07 2013

1. Do you ever have an object you pass frequently that draws your eyes to it, and fond memories follow? When I go down to the cafeteria at work on the weekends, my eyes always fall on a certain gumball machine. There’s not a single trip that I make there that my eyes aren’t averted to those grape balls of gum. Every time my eyes fall on that purple, sugary goodness, I’m reminded of my Mom. That sweet treat brings bittersweet emotion. Grape gumballs were my Mom’s absolute favorite, and the fact that we visited this exact gum machine makes it all the more pertinent.
2. When I first glimpsed it, I was actually surprised that it was still around. My Mom and I used to frequent it in 1996. So if you’re counting on your fingers right now, like me, it’s been hanging around at least 17 years. Although, I am unsure of its history before we lucked upon it. Back then, Mom was a Registered Nurse at the local hospital and I was a Certified Nursing Assistant. We didn’t work on the same floor, but worked the same rotation one summer. She would come and get me for breaks, and we would go buy a diet coke and grape gumballs; her treat. I remember her taking me by her unit when I first started working there and introducing me to her co-workers. I was acutely aware that she was “showing me off.” She was proud of her daughter that was working on her career in college and so beautiful in her eyes. I smile at that memory. It makes you feel good when someone you cherish makes it apparent that they think you’re special.
3. I think of my own daughters now when I reminisce. I remind myself of how my Mother’s pride, affection, and outward displays of love helped me become a strong, confident woman. I am determined for my daughters to always know how special they are, not only to me and their Dad, but because they are daughters of The Most High King. I believe it starts with me, though, as He has entrusted their lives to my hands. They will never doubt my affection or how proud I am. Do I worry about creating little Divas who are self-absorbed and critical of others? No. I’ll teach them of their heritage as daughters of God, and encourage behavior modeled by Christ. Will that always be easy? I don’t think so. That’s why I’ll just start with love and allow God to guide me from there. I think of how I followed in my Mom’s footsteps in so many ways, following her career paths and life decisions. It makes me wonder, will my own daughters be watching me that closely? Will they wish to emulate my actions? It’s possible. They may want to be their own individual person, but I know my example will lay the foundation. That’s a weighty responsibility when you think about it. I have to, need to, live my life knowing I have little people watching me, looking up to me, and possibly basing their future decisions on my actions. Thank God I’m not in this journey alone. And thank God that right now we can just focus on enjoying grape gumballs.
That is all 🙂





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