3 Facts for the Day

3 07 2013

1. Do you ever know something in theory, but one day feel the weight of that knowledge fall upon you so heavily that you can’t breathe for a second? It’s like when you know your significant other loves you, but you never knew just how much until they saw you with something like a stomach virus. When your man can hold back your hair and keep it out of vomit while a cacophony erupts from your rear, you know he’s in it for the long haul. That’s kinda what I mean. You knew he loved you, but one day you realized just how much. That’s only scratching the surface of true love, but you get my point. Today, it was impressed upon me just how blessed I am by my children. I knew that, right? People always say, “Oh girl. I’m so blessed.” And that’s fine, but my question is, do you really know? Do you realize just how blessed you are? This was something I contemplated today.
2. I suppose this knowledge really fell upon me as I opened my eyes to those around me. There are many woman, couples, some young, some my age and older, who experience trouble conceiving. Maybe they conceive, but suffer the unimaginable loss of their child. I cannot begin to fathom such pain and won’t try to act like I can. I don’t know why some women can multiply so fruitfully or why it’s a problem for others. I suppose, for some, maybe God has a higher calling on the lives of these men and women to father the fatherless and offer a mother’s touch to a life where there wasn’t one before. I suppose His ways are higher and He knows what children need to come on home to be with Him. Believing in His will and supreme knowledge doesn’t make those losses any easier, and I would be a naive moron to think I know what distress and soul piercing pain that must cause to those Mommies and Daddies. I am constantly showering the cyber world with images of my babies, but would never want anyone to think for a minute that I take their precious existence for granted. Mostly, I wouldn’t want God to think that.
3. Today I was talking to my stepdaughter about responsibility. We were discussing how you should treat gifts that people give you, and appreciate them. It led into stewardship. I gave the example of a mother and child. I explained that children are a gift to parents given by God. I explained that it’s the parents’ responsibility to care for their child completely, and do it well. I explained that how they care for their child is a reflection of their love for God, because He gave them that precious gift. It honors Him to give it the utmost care. She seemed to understand. Later in the day, after my lecture, my own children stretched the limits of my patience. But I still saw the gift. Oh, I got frustrated! But I still saw the gift. Even in the annoying times, you see the gift. Today as I danced to the catchy tune from the Doc Mcstuffins DVD in the van, then realized my children were not in the car and quickly changed to the radio; even then I saw the gift. When it was time to go to my women’s bible study (my one night to converse with adult women!) and my two year old screamed and cried, “Don’t leave me Momma!”, I still saw the gift. As I ran 45 minutes late for the meeting because I was rocking her, I still saw the gift. When I went to lay her down, and she woke and whispered, “Are you leaving?”, I still saw the gift. When I came home and it was immediately time to bathe, feed, and rock them, I still saw the gift. I mean, come on, they were so happy to see me. Who wouldn’t see the gift? I will say it, and I will mean it. It’s not a flippant phrase. I am blessed. I am blessed beyond measure. I will be a good steward of my gift, always and forever, reflecting my appreciation of the charge He has placed in my care.
That is all 🙂






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