3 Facts for the Day

4 07 2013

1. Today for lunch I was making Chloe soup, and she was naturally “helping.” I had told her she could help me put the spices inside. As she sat on the counter, she ran her finger across the top of the salt shaker and said, “I love spice in life.” It struck me as funny. 99% of what she says makes me laugh though. It did of course make me think of my own “spice in life.”
2. Last night I blogged of Chloe’s tantrum before I left, and how she cried for me not to go. I assumed she was just tired. When I returned, she was happy to see me, but full of complaints. The main one being that her tummy hurt. She hadn’t eaten much throughout the day, and didn’t want the dinner I made either. Sure enough, after I came back into the living room after rocking the baby, Ben told me she had gotten sick. She was passed out on the couch, pale, but running a low grade fever. She had puked everywhere! Ben had simply thrown a beach towel over it, and I couldn’t say I blamed him. Ben kept Chloe isolated in the living room with him, to prevent the baby and I from catching a possible stomach virus. It was hard for me not to be the main caretaker for her, but Ben made a valid point that we needed to keep little Bailey from getting sick. Thankfully this morning, Chloe seemed to feel much better! The fever was gone and she was drinking fine. She still needed her rest, though, and by the time the baby was ready for her first nap, so was Chloe. If you know us, you know that’s unheard of for my little sleep ninja. I ended up rocking them to sleep simultaneously. It was enjoyable and quite easy, which was a nice change. I put them both down and set off for Operation Clean Sweep (yep, I know my life is exciting). I said a quick prayer that they would stay asleep a while, but then added not so long I worried. Isn’t that a riot? I tackled the vomit surprise waiting under the towel first. Ever wondered what regurgitated cheese and chicken nuggets look like mixed with chocolate milk? After I finished I felt a proud sense of accomplishment. Then I saw the pile Ben had placed in the laundry room of splattered toys, house shoes, and even a rolled up area rug. Good times. (Insert sarcasm here).
3. Life is like a big pot of soup sometimes I guess. You gotta add some spice and variety to make it flavorful. I certainly don’t get bored around here. The short-lived illness kept me on my toes, as did the clean-up, but when Chloe woke from her nap, it was time for some more spice. She is always eager to help me clean, which is nice. Sometimes it’s a hassle as she makes more messes and I probably could get it done faster without her, but then I’d miss that quality time I love so much. I told her we were almost done because she had helped Mommy so much. Her face transformed into a huge grin, and she commented, “I’m your super hero!” I would tend to agree. She felt so much better by late afternoon that we all went swimming. Her brutal honesty spiced up the time for sure. Her suit was sagging in the rear, and I commented on her having a little bootie. She replied, “You have a big butt, though. You don’t have to worry about your suit sagging.” Later I thought I felt an ant crawling on my back. I asked her to get it, and she tried to remove a mole. Then she cackled about how funny my back moles were. I hate to tell the kid it’s hereditary! Bailey is just as eager to add to the mix. I had to trim her fingernails again today. She has taken to breast feeding like she’s eating a quarter pounder. She takes it in both hands and squeezes it while she eats. Those little razor nails will be the death of me. May not nurse this one 18 months! Oh, who am I kidding? I’m putty in their hands. After another full day at the Gowen house, I offer my compliments to the chef. While it can be bitter at times, overall the flavor of my life is pleasing to my palate. It has just the right amount of spice to keep it interesting.
That is all 🙂







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4 07 2013

Read this every day! love it!

4 07 2013

Thank you so much! That makes me smile. Feel free to share it with anyone you think would like it as well. Love you!

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