3 Facts for the Day

5 07 2013

1. If my life were a balloon, it’s possible that it would have been so full today that it popped! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed a wonderful day. Most days pass really quickly, making me wonder where the time went, and what exactly did I get accomplished. Today was, thankfully and amazingly, not like that at all. It was filled with so many activities, but now that it’s come to a close, it feels like it was just long enough to make it perfect. The best thing about today was that my best friend, my husband, was off of work. That alone would have made for a wonderful day in itself. I started the day with holiday well wishes from a family member. He’s not used to young children and got cracked up in the short time we were on the phone. He heard phrases like, “Get the scissors away from the baby’s face” (calm down, they were fake), “just cause Mommy’s laughing doesn’t mean it’s funny”, and my all time favorite, “don’t shake the baby” (all the books say that’s bad).
2. We started our Independence Day festivities by going to my cousin’s house. We got together after lunch, as he had worked nights. That was perfect for this family of late risers. Anything before noon, and we would have been late. As I gathered together something to make to take, I realized how times have changed. Instead of pulling out a cook book, I had grabbed my smart phone and opened Pinterest. We had a great time. They have two girls just a bit older than ours. My cousin and I reminisced of our youth and how there’s no way we’d let our kids play 2 miles out in the woods for 5 hours at a time like our parents did. Can’t believe we never got snake bit, eaten by wild animals, or lost. I’m quite certain God kept me alive throughout my childhood. I was tickled to see my cousins wife had made the same dip I brought (silly Pinterest) and had the same cookies I bought as well (Walmart is the major bakery in town). Chloe played so well with their eldest, which is a rarity outside of her immediate cousins. (You may remember her trying to push the neighbor boy off the slide). We will definitely have to get those two together again. The men talked while they grilled. Makes you wonder from the window what they might be saying. This world may never know.
3. We ended the day at the in-laws. More food. I felt obligated and what not, so I ate a hamburger even though I had two helpings of grub at the previous house. Ok. I didn’t feel obligated. I just love food. I had cake too. There it is. I admitted it. Cookies, cake, and chips and dip twice. We had a wonderful fireworks production. The two year olds started it off with those little bags you toss that make pop noises. When asked, Chloe opted for the entire bag to be dumped out so she could step on multiple poppers all at once. (A typical two year old decision for immediate gratitude). Of course, after they were all gone, she wondered why there wasn’t more. Chloe had a little fear over holding sparklers or being near any of the fireworks (or works as she called them). I was secretly pleased. I’ve always been more of an observer myself, and you will never see me holding a bottle rocket or roman candle in my hand. I was that kid that lit a tiny whistler and took off running 500 yards in the opposite direction. We watched together, and I even had a moment where I realized my Mother’s words were escaping from my mouth. She always watched fireworks and exclaimed, “oohh, aahh, eehh!” Tonight, I did the same. I always find it amusing how we say we do fireworks for the kids, but the men folk have more fun than the little ones. After the sparklers and smoke bombs, there’s always a pile of explosives left that are not for children and must be lit by the Dads. I know they secretly love this task. I usually sit back at attention, waiting for the unexpected loose cannon. As is typical for a home firework display, an unexpected toppling of explosives did occur. Large balls of colorful fire went spitting in all directions. I immediately and surprisingly, contorted my body into a human shield for the baby. This is what Mommies do. Never mind that they came no where close to our chair positioned a safe distance from the action. We had the brilliant $3 firework towers that were about as fascinating as if I would have just lit my $3. We all gathered for the grand finale that ended far too quickly. Luckily the people across the street had a much larger budget for flammable paper than we felt necessary. We went out front and concluded our evening watching their money burn in much more brilliant and high flying colors than our own. It was the baby’s subtle signs of upcoming sleepiness that finally drove us to say goodbye. We were having such fun, I think we could have stayed all night. We did take some leftover burgers, dip, and cake home to celebrate our freedom to over-eat on holidays. I’m sure we’ll all sleep well when the sugar wears off, and have sweet dreams of flaming balls of pink fire.
That is all 🙂




















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