3 Facts for the Day

6 07 2013

1. I saw the line of cars initially. At first I hadn’t noticed them because I was fascinated by the lack of traffic at a major intersection on a Friday. Because of my initial lack of observation up ahead, it was too late to turn around. I could see the train chugging across the tracks, and realized the cause for stopped traffic. It was moving so slow! Dang! Train crossings usually only stop me when I’m running late for work. The reason it was a problem today could be explained by the whimpering from the backseat. The 6 month old had held on as long as she could. Towards the end of our shopping I had noticed her listing port side (leaning over to the left). She was ready for a nap, and any parent can tell you that a carseat for a sleepy baby can be your best friend or your worse enemy. When the vehicle is moving, you’re golden. If you’re at a standstill, it’s beyond bad. As I applied the brake and rolled to a stop behind a Lincoln Navigator, I readied myself for the ensuing cries of an exhausted infant.
2. As expected, the girl babe didn’t take the scheduled stop well at all. She started slowly at first, but within 30 seconds, was at full volume, bellowing wails. I looked at the train. I tried, unsuccessfully, to block out the cries that were slowly stabbing into my brain like a dull ice pick. The high pitched shrieking was like a worm that had been placed in my ear canal and was burrowing its way inside to wreak havoc in my gray matter. I was trying to decide if I could somehow k-turn myself around and find a detour. Would it be worth it? There were trees all around the railroad crossing. If only I could see the end, and tell how much longer I had to wait!!
3. I knew the train couldn’t be that long, and felt like I should indeed wait it out. Sure enough, within a minute or so, I saw the caboose. I readied myself with childlike excitement to press the gas. Come on people, go! I’ve got a crying baby! Before I was even a 1/4 mile past the tracks, she fell silent, lulled to sleep by the motion. Ben seems to think that when she cries good and hard before she is rocked, that she ends up falling asleep harder and more soundly. It certainly seems to be true. This morning, in my quiet time, I felt led to read 1 John 3:19-20

This is how we know that we belong to the truth and how we set our hearts at rest in His presence. If our hearts condemn us, we know that God is greater than our hearts, and He knows everything.

I liked how it set with me when I read it. Being at rest in His presence sounded really nice. I think God’s truth can be to us like a moving vehicle is to a baby. It’s so comforting that you immediately settle and your cries are no more. There are obstacles in your life, much like a railroad crossing, that will slow you down, and may even bring you to a complete halt. You’ll wonder where’s the end?! Should I turn around from the dream God has placed in my heart? This is too hard. Perhaps I should find a detour. I think if we can just wait in His truth and His promises, then I think we will eventually find that rest. It may even be that the wait, the trials, the hard tears we cry will cause us to rest even deeper in His presence. Our own hearts may condemn us, but He knows everything. What a reassurance that is, and what a fine rest you can find in His truth.
That is all 🙂




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