3 Facts for the Day

7 07 2013

1. Well, interestingly enough, today is not a work day blog. What, you ask?! It’s Saturday, isn’t it, you say. For anyone who doesn’t follow close enough to know my schedule, I’ll explain. I’m what they call a “weekender”. I work every Saturday and Sunday. I work two 12 hour shifts, for a total of 24 hours each weekend. Why would anyone do that, you wonder. Well, they pay me like I’ve worked 40 hours. This allows me to work part-time and still maintain a full-time salary and be eligible for insurance. This option has pros and cons. The pros being I can work part-time and be home with my kids Monday through Friday. The cons would be working every Sunday and not having paid time off. That’s right, I don’t earn vacation or sick days. If I work 24 hours, I get paid for forty. If I work 23 hours, I get paid for 23 hours. For average, hard working folks, that means I don’t take a weekend off because I can’t afford to miss a payday. We knew this when I accepted the position, but felt that the pros outweighed the cons.
2. This morning at 4:45, my phone rang. I knew that couldn’t be good, but didn’t imagine it would be what it was. It was work. They surprised me by telling me to take the day off. The position I accepted is usually one that will get the hours it needs. When I took the position they in no way guaranteed that I wouldn’t be called off of work, but it’s generally known that’s a last resort. Last summer we had low patient census, but I managed to work my days. They realize we don’t have vacation time to fall back on, and if we don’t work, it affects the paycheck dramatically. Some of the other weekenders have jobs during the week. I do too. I just don’t get paid for being a Mommy. Being a nurse and a mother is difficult in my opinion. As a nurse, you make a sizable enough income that staying home doesn’t seem sensible or feasible. Some occupations don’t justify paying for daycare. Nursing does. You can provide for your family financially better by working rather than staying home. I think that makes it hard for a lot of nurses to be stay at home moms. I don’t want to offend any moms by the above statements, regardless of your occupation or lack there of. It’s simply my opinion. That being said, my family does depend on my income equally with my spouse’s.
3. If you’ve hung in there with me this long, then thank you. I say all of the above to get to one central point. This morning when I was called off work, something miraculous happened. When the guy told me, I just said, “ok.” I didn’t fuss or complain to him. When I hung up the phone, I wasn’t distressed. I’ll be honest. There was a shadow of concern somewhere in the recesses of my mind, but I wasn’t worried. I felt a strange peace over me. I felt like God would take care of us financially. I normally, say a year or two ago, would have been unable to fall back asleep. I would have been so consumed with worry over upcoming bills. I probably would have been on the computer, on-line banking and devising a strategy for our budget. I haven’t looked at it once today! I also slept in, and I simply enjoyed the day off with my children. Today’s verse of the day was Hebrews 10:23
Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful.
I can’t blog about resting in His truth if I’m anxious. That also brought another verse to my mind. Philippians 4:6
Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
I think anxiety and thanksgiving just don’t go together. I’m certainly thankful that I wasn’t anxious this morning! As I was praying, I just felt like God said, “You just wait and see what I can do!” And that’s what He continues to work in me. Patience, being still, trusting, and doing all this with a calm spirit. I feel good.
That is all 🙂

I’m including pictures of one of our adventures I had the opportunity to enjoy instead of being confined at work.







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