3 Facts for the Day

9 07 2013

1. This morning, first thing, Chloe came into the bathroom and muttered something to me. She was still half asleep. She also has an extensive vocabulary for her age and speaks very fast and with a high pitch. These things were conspiring to make it difficult for me to understand what she was saying I must have said, “what?” three times. Due to the aforementioned still half asleep issue, she wasn’t taking it well that I couldn’t understand her. There are times, as is common with Moms of two year olds, when I honestly just don’t listen and tune her out. At these times she will repeat herself over and over, waiting for my acknowledgement. She’s relentless, and has even been known to comment, “Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth?!” To which, I usually reply, “Yes dear. I hear you. I’m just ignoring you.” This morning, though, she knew I heard her, but that I just couldn’t decipher what she was saying. Her little eyes filled with frustrated tears as she raised the volume of her voice while she spoke the repeated request. She had been combining the words ” in the living room with me” into one big word. You’d have to hear it. It so happened that she just wanted me to watch cartoons with her.
2. This got me to thinking about hearing God’s voice. I think sometimes I make it much harder than it really is. I can look back on moments in time where I know without a shadow of a doubt that I heard His voice. I’m not talking about an audible voice. I’ve never experienced that. I have heard that calm voice of reason within me that offers peace and guidance. It’s often been a miraculous occurrence that leaves no question that it is of Him. Other times, the calming effect the revelation has on me, lets me know it’s Him. Sometimes it’s unclear if I’m hearing His will or my own desires. This can be frustrating for sure. I want to be like my child and cry because I’m asking Him something, but I’m not hearing His answer. Thankfully I know He does understand the words coming out of my mouth, and even those I simply utter in my heart. Perhaps sometimes He’s waiting to answer me until I’m good and ready for His word. When Chloe gets so impatient and begins repeating herself I realize there’s no way she’d hear me then even if I did answer her. I have to wait for her to be calm.
3. Today I went and bought a slip and slide while I was at the dollar store. I had picked up my sister’s 2 year old from daycare, and was eager to see the girls enjoy the gift. I got it home and excitedly rushed to get it set up. I felt mild frustration as I was having operator difficulty at first. Once it was ready I called the girls to come play. I had always loved a slip and slide! My sister’s girl didn’t even want to play. She wanted to swing. I tried to get Chloe to slide down it, but she was resistant. I even put on my suit and showed her how. I can’t imagine how that looked! Middle age woman, with a few pounds to loose, slides across wet plastic. Poor neighbors! My husband assured me it wasn’t bad. Bless him. Anyway, even after my display, Chloe refused to slide. She chose to walk down it and plop into the pool at the end. Just because I thought it was a grand, fun idea, didn’t mean it would work out that way. As I watch God work in my life, I’m seeing that His will for my life may not be anything I had imagined. Sometimes we have a preconceived notion of how we want to work for God’s kingdom. Then we ask in frustration, why can’t I hear God telling me how/what/when this is going to work out?! If we only want to hear it a certain way, then maybe we’re not really listening. Ever had someone ask you a question, and as you’re answering them, you can tell they’re not listening? It’s like you can see them formulating their next comment while you’re still speaking. It’s all about them, and I hate that. Well, maybe that’s a barrier to hearing God’s voice. When you’re so preoccupied with what you want to do or what you want to hear from Him, He isn’t able to speak. We’re meshing words together and no one can understand what’s going on. Should we stop trying to hear, thinking we’ll never get it right? Not at all! (Try to remember Chloe’s persistence and repetition). Should we think that if something doesn’t work out like we thought, then obviously we can’t hear God’s voice? Definitely not. (You don’t have to slide down a slip and slide for it to be fun). Sometimes things change. Just today, Chloe told me, “I don’t like Dora the Explore anymore!” While grateful, I didn’t see that one coming. Sometimes plans change in life. This doesn’t mean God changed His mind. It means He’s all knowing and realizes that we can’t always get from point A to B in a straight line. Sometimes the convoluted path gets us there better. I’ve often felt like He is orchestrating a beautiful symphony out of my life, even when I’ve refused to follow the sheet music. So, keep listening. If you need reminding then I’m telling you, shut up. Be quiet and listen. If you can’t hear or understand, then just rest. You hear the frog’s song best when you sit quietly in the dark not moving a muscle. Most importantly, though, is never stop listening, and always believe you can hear.
That is all 🙂






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