3 Facts for the Day

10 07 2013

1. Our day started out in a rather strange way. This morning we were all asleep. Even the baby was still sleeping. (Insert contented sigh from Mommy here). We sleep with a humidifier in our room. It’s rather loud, and since Chloe was a baby, it’s served as a white noise of sorts. Naturally, we noticed right away when it cut off. The silence woke Ben and I instantly. We realized, and stated as much to each other in a whisper, that the power had gone out. Within a minute or so of that realization, we were again jarred from our slumber. This time it wasn’t something as benign as silence, but rather the opposite. There was a terrifyingly loud banging that shook the walls. It sounded like a large fist beating angrily and impatiently on my back door. There was an urgency that surrounded the beating noise. Ben called to me, as I in turn called to him, “Who is that?!” I’m not sure why I thought what I did. I know I was still half asleep and suppose that explains it. Either way, for some reason, my first thought after the rage filled knocking was, “Oh dear. Our president has declared martial law.” It seemed like a very reasonable and plausible explanation at the time. Meanwhile my husband had retrieved his 9mm and headed towards the door. I’ll end the suspense for you. It obviously wasn’t martial law, nor was it an intruder. It seems the power company was out back with a bulldozer doing something. Heck, they hadn’t even banged on our house at all. After I got good and awake, (obviously the banging woke the baby) I was rather amused at myself. The intriguing thing, though, was how calm I felt at that moment in bed. I was only mildly fearful, and remember thinking “Here we go God. I know you’ll take care of us.” Shortly after waking (without coffee mind you, because of the no power issue!), I read the verse of the day and found it fitting. Proverbs 25:29
Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in The Lord is kept safe.
2. I had a CPR renewal class today. It’s never a bad class, even if the American Heart Association insists on always changing the details. When I entered the classroom, my eyes were drawn to the infant mannequin. I hate that thing. I hated it before, but so much more since I’ve become a Mother. I think we all logically know something could happen to our child, but it’s so much easier not to think about it. Being bombarded with a rubber infant in respiratory distress causes the reality of possible accidents to leave the recesses of the back of your brain, and come forward for confrontation. It’s hard to think of your child choking, or any child choking for that matter. Whenever I see someone performing the infant back blows to dislodge an imaginary object from the baby mannequin, I am transported back in time. I see my own Mother jumping up quickly and turning my baby sister over before I even knew what to think. It wasn’t a cough. I remember vividly my sister being unable to breathe and starting to turn color quickly. Mom just reacted! I was in awe as a 12 year old. I remember another instance on a Fourth of July cookout. A young boy rode up quickly on his ATV and asked her to come quick and help. This was before 911 road signs to help EMS find the people out in the country. A young girl had been ran over by her grandpa’s boat. The propeller had severed her leg at the hip. My Mother worked quickly, calmly, and instinctively to do what she could until the ambulance arrived. She seemed so fearless!
3. I think my Mom’s acts of courage inspired me greatly, and she is a major factor in my decision to become a nurse. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve discovered fear can be a major obstacle in life. It’s difficult to overcome as well. When I first had Chloe, I was amazed at how often my mind would fabricate possible scenarios that could have injured my child. What if I would have just bumped her head on that doorframe?! What if she pulls that blanket over her face?! I was a nazi over my older stepdaughter’s tiny toys. I imagined endless choking scenarios. I think that has a lot to do with being a new Mother, but it still has to be kept under control. Even now as a nurse, I’m often bombarded unexpectedly by feelings of fear. What if something goes wrong with my patient and I don’t make the right decision?! Seeing that silly mannequin made fears surface that are usually buried. Who doesn’t have fear about the state of our country, and where we’re going as a nation?! My heart is accelerating right this minute just thinking of it all! But then the voice of peace and reason reigns. I am reminded that there is no such thing as fear in the arms of my Lord. It’s something I have to remind myself of often. It’s kind of like putting on the armor of God for me. I daily have to proclaim, out loud, “there is no fear in you Lord.” There are so many wonderful scriptures to draw this beautiful truth from. Tonight at my women’s bible study, I found a new favorite. Isaiah 41:13

For I am The Lord your God
Who takes hold of your right hand
and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.

I just thought that was stunning, and evokes such emotion. Read it again, please. It’s so personal and intimate. He takes our hand! He holds your hand and reassures you, “Do not fear; I will help you.” I think it’s a reminder we all need daily, and maybe women even more so. Our hearts are so tender. I know I will remain protective of my girls. There’s nothing wrong with that, and I love their protective Daddy too! I also think some mild concern keeps me alert and ever vigilant when caring for my patients. What I try not to do is hold stock in something that doesn’t represent me as a child of the King. Fear is not allowed in His throne room. I’m a work in progress. Thankfully, He’s holding my right hand.
That is all šŸ™‚





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