3 Facts for the Day

11 07 2013

1. Last night when I got home from my Bible study, I spent an extended amount of time talking with my aunt. The children were asleep, so we were able to converse uninterrupted. I shared with her the verse from our study that I included in my blog yesterday, Isaiah 43:13. We are very close, but last night she shared something with me I did not know. I received her permission to share our conversation with you all. After I read the verse to her, I watched her eyes cloud over. You know when you can just tell someone is being mentally transported to another time? That was her eyes. Many years ago, her eldest son passed away. He was just a young man, barely starting out on life when he left this world. His death was not a prolonged illness or even an accident you would expect of a twenty-something. It seems like when death comes as a result of inexplicable violence, the grief is so difficult. Trying to understand the big Why can be all that more painful when your loved one is struck down in their prime. But I don’t suppose it is ever easy when it’s your baby, regardless of age. Last night she began to tell me of her time after her baby boy’s death. She said that after the funeral, she came home and sat in an easy chair in her living room. She said she sat there for 3 days straight, not moving even to go to the bathroom. She said the time was like a haze, but she recalls one thing with perfect clarity. She remembers someone placing a hand on her shoulder and saying, “It’s going to be ok.” She felt the hand so surely that she turned to see who was there. There was no human being in the room. She describes a peace that came over her. She was able to get up from that chair, and know that it was going to be ok.
2. I can’t imagine the turmoil she must have suffered then, and still to some extent suffers today. To be honest, I don’t want to imagine. I have the luxury of the worst turmoil in my life being mere inconveniences or amusing moments of sheer frustration. I can look at my day and see that my moments of threatened insanity are blessings in disguise. This morning I found my favorite Mary Kay lipgloss with the top off and spilled over all my other make-up. As I got onto Chloe, I looked in the floor and saw the baby grinning ear to ear. Either she already likes to see her sister get in trouble, or she knew I was receiving a blessing at that moment. Or there’s the haircut episode today. I took Chloe for her very first haircut. I felt like I was going to cry as I snapped pictures as is my custom. I sat in the barber chair to gossip with my sister, the stylist, and heard metal kissing metal. Then I felt the hair fall onto my shoulder. Chloe had grabbed some scissors and given me a haircut too! I trudged on for shopping with the angels in tow. As I looked at some items in one store, my Chloe pulled down all the dog beds to lay in. If you’re not aware, the two year old is in a phase where she wants to be a puppy. She even chastises us for calling her Chloe, preferring her other title, “Girl Puppy.” An oil change later, complete with waiting at the dealership, with spilled water and near breakdowns, we went for real fun: grocery shopping! I made it out with sanity intact, eager to get the un-napped bundles of joy home, and buckled them in their respective carseats. This is always when Chloe states very dramatically, “I need to peepee!!” Ughh! But the memories of last night’s conversation are still with me, reminding me of many things, but a simple one being how these moments like today are absolute blessings, even if I’m unaware.
3. Last night, also, at my Bible study, I was told a story by another woman from my church. She described a conversation she had with a lady she did not know before hand. I certainly wish I had a video of the encounter, but her superb flair for storytelling made me feel like I was there. She described an elderly black woman at a picnic table with her grandchildren. They were eating before going into church. She asked the woman, “Are you ready to praise The Lord today?” The woman replied, “Honey, there ain’t a word that comes outta my mouth that doesn’t praise The Lord.” They began to talk more in depth. My friend learned that the black woman was her own age, but was surprised by this, as she looked decades older. She spoke of a hard life. She spoke of loosing her husband in the war and raising four children on her own. I can only imagine the difficulty of this task for a widowed, black woman in the 1960’s. They spoke of raising children, and the difficulties involved. The woman stated, “When you think you can’t do no more with em, that’s when God picks it up.” Her amazing, steadfast faith was a testimony to me, even if I wasn’t present personally for her story. My Aunt said last night that she hated it took so long for her to develop a relationship with God. He came to her in a moment where she was alone, depressed, grieving, and completely empty. He laid His hand on her and gave her comfort. In the words of the old black woman; when she couldn’t do no more, He picked it up. I will not claim to have endured any of the many frustrations that come with teenagers. While I can sympathize, I’m unable to empathize with my Aunt over the loss of her child. I have a long journey ahead of me in parenting, and I’m grateful for Godly examples available to me. I’m most grateful, though, for His hand being present, and the fact that if I can’t do no more, He’ll pick it up.
That is all 🙂





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