3 Facts for the Day

12 07 2013

1. This morning was a nice one where my husband went into work an hour later than usual. An hour doesn’t sound like much, but every little extra moment we can all be together is special to me. I smiled as I made coffee in the kitchen. I could hear Chloe and Ben talking, and it amused me how grown-up my daughter sounded with her end of the conversation. Ben was talking to her about yesterday’s scissor incident. (If you don’t know; Chloe cut my hair when the stylist and I weren’t looking. You can read more in yesterday’s blog). He asked her if she got in trouble? She replied, “I didn’t get in a whole lotta trouble.” (I’m surprised to admit that is true. I suppose I knew if I got started, I might not stop screaming. I opted for calm correction.) He then told her scissors were sharp and she could have cut her fingers off. She retorted, “But I didn’t cut my fingers off. See. They’re all here!” Sadly, my interesting eavesdropping had to end. Before I could fully enjoy his presence, it was time for him to go. After many kisses and “I love you’s”, he left. I saw his cup of coffee, forgotten, and still 3/4 full. I was reminded of two things. One; I am so blessed to have such a hard working husband. He works a lot, and still finds time to play “Girl Puppy” with Chloe, and to talk with me long into the night. Secondly, I was reminded how blessed I am to be able to stay home with my children as much as I do. Sometimes I get in a pity mode about why I have to go to work, and not just stay home. It’s nice to be reminded just how nice I have it, and how much of that I owe to my husband.
2. This morning I was putting on my make-up and was amused at how I could still get liquid foundation out of this one container. I could of sworn it was almost empty over a month ago! I put it on my list and purchased another bottle so as not to run out. As I get older, even though I don’t wear much, it’s not something I want to run out of. I have yet to need that full bottle purchased many weeks previously. It made me think how we can be containers running low. So many times I can recall where I thought I was almost empty. Boot camp. If there’s ever a place where you think you’ve reached a wall, that’s it! The level to which you’re pushed physically, mentally, and emotionally is exhausting. You would hear your ankle snap, feel a surge of pain, and think, “I’m empty!” Then, you’d feel that adrenaline, and push forward. I think of when my husband, at the time, came home from work and told me he didn’t want to be married anymore. Talk about empty! I was a shell. I am amazed that I kept going. I never thought I’d be able to deal with the lose of my Mom, but I did. Those are just a few. Each day is filled with ordinary moments where you can feel empty. I recall my 1st trimester with Bailey. I was so exhausted one day, and Chloe refused to nap! (I napped when she napped.) I remember bawling to God to help me get that toddler to sleep. There’s mornings when I went to work on hardly two hours sleep, and I thought, “I’ll never make it!” I did. I know you can relate. Maybe you feel empty now. But, guess what? You’ll keep going. You will. Psalms 136:23 says, God saw the trouble we were in. God’s love never fails.
3. This evening I took Chloe and Bailey to a local event called a Slugburger Festival. If you’re a reader of my blog who is not from the South, you may have to google that one. We look for any reason, really, to eat fried food and take our children on semi-hazardous carnival rides. I had told Chloe we were going to a fair. (She knows that word, as we’ve been to one before). After I had her attention, I told her it was called a Slugburger Festival. Later, when it was time to go, she called it a “Ferris Wheel Burger Band.” I suppose for all intensive purposes, she was basically correct in her descriptive title. On the way, she must have asked me 12 times, “Is this the way to the carnival?” She really wanted to go, and I guess was worried I had changed my mind, and was driving us to Siberia or the laundromat. When we got into sight of the ferris wheel, she lost it completely. I can’t really tell you what she said. Her tone was so high pitched, and the speed with which she excitedly spoke was so intense, I have no idea. She could have said seafood salad sandwiches for all I know. She sounded happy though. As I drove for a parking spot, she slowed down enough to voice her concern to me. “Why are you leaving the ferris wheel, Momma?” I opted for the $15 armband. Why don’t they just sell those? If they’re going to charge $1 a ticket, but a ride takes 4 tickets. I mean, I’m no rocket scientist, but they should probably just have a guy standing at the gate with a ski mask and hand gun, saying, “Just give me your wallet and no one gets hurt.” You end up emptying it anyway before the night’s done. I think the ticket folks are in cahoots with the food stands. They got a huge sign across the concourse proclaiming “fresh squeezed lemonade and fried onion blossom.” Yum. The onion blossom is $8. Pretty steep for something out of a trailer that didn’t come from Outback Steak House. The lemonade tasted suspiciously like Crystal Light. $3 for a child size cup with no lid. No lid works awesome in the cup holder of a stroller traveling over gravel and industrial sized extension cords. (Sarcasm) I did enjoy the ferris wheel immensely, I’ll admit. I almost thought it was worth my armband cost. Chloe’s armband was well worth it’s value. She fell in love with this mirror maze, fun house thing. She went through it 20 times in a row. I accompanied her each trip with the baby in the crook of my arm. The best part of it for me was watching young children walk head first into glass walls, repeatedly. I’m a little evil. We stayed way too late, and I almost decked a carnival ride operator for harassing me to put my infant on his ride, but it was a great time. As we strolled back to the van, Chloe said, “I’ve had a really fun day Mom.” “That makes it all worth it baby.” I replied with a smile.
That is all 🙂








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