3 Facts for the Day

13 07 2013

1. They went into the Mexican restaurant! All that hustle and bustle for a burrito! I chuckle to myself and shake my head, but then I remember when that was me. I got out on a Friday evening today to run a few errands. I usually stick around the house on Fridays, and tend to forget how busy it can be out there. While paying one bill downtown, Chloe glimpsed the top of the ferris wheel from the Slugburger Festival still in full swing. Last night she had told her Dad how much fun she had, and how she’d like to go again. Ben commented to me, “Y’all picked a good day to go. Tomorrow it may be a bunch of drunks.” When Chloe saw it today, she excitedly said to me, “Momma, can we go and see all the trunks?” I ignored the trunk comment with a wince, and explained that we would be unable to go two days in a row. I told her it cost too much. I do want my child to understand money and its limitations. Among my errands downtown, I was confronted repeatedly with reckless drivers. Cars pulling out in front of me, ignoring turn signals, and traffic laws in general. Most of the offenders seemed to be teenagers (I suppose. The older you get, it seems to be harder to tell. Was that an eleven year old driving?!). Once on a main road, I witnessed a car weaving in and out of traffic like we were at Talladega. I kept waiting, from a safe distance, to see an accident. I giggled as I watched them approach a stop light and be forced to stop, despite all the fancy race car driving. I eased up behind them and wasn’t surprised to see a car full of adolescent boys. It just so happened that my destination caused me to follow them through traffic, not that I was able to keep up. When I parked in a strip mall lot, I saw them across the way, heading into Don Julio’s for dinner. Maybe they had made reservations and feared loosing their table?
2. As I watched that group of boys making their way across the parking lot, I was transported back to my own youth. I realized not only did I drive as bad as they did when I was young; I remembered I was much worse! I had so many wrecks as a teenager, it’s insane. I remember the highway patrolman laughing in my face when I handed him my license. I totaled my parent’s minivan 1 month after getting my driver’s license. I also remember that wreck earned me a place in the “Saved by a Seatbelt” club. I’m totally serious. There was a banquet and everything. I was suppose to be an example to other disillusioned youth everywhere. I kept wearing my seatbelt, but I also continued to drive wreck-less. Thank you Jesus, is all I can say! I had no respect for traffic laws or others’ property. I backed one of the vehicles my parents had into so many poles, trees, and other vehicles, that the tire well on the back was completely dented inward. I think of my disregard for speed limits, other drivers, and the precious life God gave me, and I’m stunned. Then I think of my girls.
3. This morning I was folding laundry in the living room. The girls were in the floor with me. As I made my way down the hall to the linen closet with a stack of towels, I heard the baby scream. I knew she was hurt, and ran into the room. (One time I’m grateful for the short hall). Bailey was bawling big time, and Chloe had her hands over her face. With only being asked once, she said “I munched her finger.” I looked down and could see deep tooth indentions in the baby’s pinkie finger. Chloe earned herself a spanking, but also a hug and talk in my lap afterward. (After the poor baby was soothed, of course). I explained in simple, yet great detail why we didn’t bite others! I feel overwhelmed when I think of Chloe being behind the wheel, dating, or even spending the night away from me! (Nope. We’ve not done an overnight away yet). I realize I can’t think about what I’ll do when she starts her period. I gotta think about how I react now to taking toys away from others or lying or biting your little sister. Ben and I have made many changes in our life since we had Chloe. For example, while I don’t see anything wrong, per say, with someone enjoying an alcoholic beverage or two, it’s just not something we do anymore. We decided with our history to just keep that type of influence out of our home. That didn’t happen overnight. It was a decision that evolved over time as our family and relationship with Christ grew. I really enjoy the fact that as Ben and I cultivate our relationship with Jesus, He leads us in how to raise our family and how to respond to certain situations as we encounter them. I don’t expect it will be easy, despite His leading, but we take each moment as it comes. We make the important decisions as the Holy Spirit leads. My prayer is that each precious moment of correction or tiny lesson given will add up, and total together beautiful little women with hearts full of love and heads full of brains. But in the end, if they end up driving like I did, then Heaven help us all.
That is all 🙂





2 responses

13 07 2013

AMEN!! love it and you!

13 07 2013

Thank you! Love you too 😄

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