3 Facts for the Day

14 07 2013

1. This morning I had to smile at myself and my actions. They were just so Motherly. Sometimes you just act/react without a thought, but sometimes you are able to look at yourself in retrospect. As I got out of the bed this morning, I found myself turning back and glancing upon my sleeping two year old. She was simply adorable in an orange pajama set with big eyed bumble bees all over it. The bottoms were shorts, and I noticed she was laying on top of the covers. I went into the other room and retrieved a baby blanket to cover her legs with. There. Now I could get in the shower. Such a Motherly action. I wonder how long she will need her Mommy covering her? Now she is small, but she is so bright and independent in so many ways. I can tell her something once, and I see her lock it away for good, to use at another time. She catches every thing I tell her, and will pull it back out weeks down the road, surprising me since I wasn’t even sure if she was paying attention. I once told her, like 6 months ago, not to eat her boogers or she’d get worms. (It’s not that far fetched really. Pin worms do live in dirt. Dirt in the air forms boogers.) Last night she went mining and her big Sister scolded, “Don’t pick your nose.” Chloe retorted, “I’m not. I just don’t want worms in my nose.”
2. Around 1:30 this morning I jerked awake to the sound of my baby crying. I got out of bed and padded down the hall to her room. I scooped her from her crib and silenced her cries immediately. I breathed in her baby goodness, nestling my nose in her hair. I cradled her to my bosom, and enjoyed the closeness of her warm little body. As I made my way to the rocking chair, Ben met me in the hall. “You’re such a good Mommy” he whispered. He offered to take her if she wouldn’t go back to sleep, but once fed and rocked, she settled back into slumber quickly. I’ve found myself replaying that sweet moment in my head throughout the day. I also remember other times when I go to get her when she awakes. She always stops crying as soon as she hears me approach. As soon as she sees me, she resembles a miniature Kung Fu master. She moves her chubby arms up and down in lightening speed, and I fear she will either karate chop a crib rail in half or take flight in her excitement. I really miss them when I’m away from them. It’s so weird. It makes me wonder, how will I react when they’re not always with me? I remember when I moved away from home. I remember my Mom crying when I moved into the dorms. I remember her tears when I joined the Navy. I remember her utter joy and barely contained excitement when I flew home for Christmas. Now I understand.
3. This morning as I drove to work, a favorite worship song came on the radio. (David Crowder, How He Loves). I smiled immediately. For one, I often hear it on my way to work on Saturday mornings. I like to think it’s just for me, as if He’s giving me strength for my day. I realize it’s playing for tons of other folks listening to the radio, but when it comes on in my car, it’s just for me. It’s a love song just for me, and I feel special. Secondly, I’m always affected very strongly by this song. I’m sure the fella that I met in passing thought I was waving. No. Just worshipping. (Don’t worry. I kept one hand on the wheel). It always makes me want to cry when I hear it. It makes me feel amazing, yet so humbled. What did I do to deserve to be loved so much?! Nothing. He just does. I was made for Him to love me, and for me to love Him. His love to His children is a perfect example for us to follow with our own children, and within every moment of life. The really wonderful thing is when all that gets to be too much at times, we can fall down and take refuge in that love. I took the opportunity to read my Bible during break today. I was reading about King David, and I was like, “Wow. God really loved him and took care of him. He even promised favor and blessings to his kids and their kids.” I felt like God said, “I’m the same God now as I was then.” He has His love and favor ready for us, ready to bless us and our families whenever we are ready to receive it. That is a really encouraging thought, isn’t it. The bottom line. We were made to love, to love Him, and to love others. Sometimes we can forget, though, we were also made to be loved! So, if you haven’t yet, open yourself to receive His love. I’ll leave you with my favorite song.
That is all 🙂





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