3 Facts for the Day

15 07 2013

1. I just had to laugh and shake my head as I looked over the text conversation I had with my husband while on my break at work. He was asking me “rice or oatmeal?” (In reference to what to feed the baby). I asked about poop? That’s just funny to me. I never thought I would be so concerned with other people’s bowel habits. Even in my profession, I don’t have to worry too much. Most patients are concerned enough about their own lack of poop, that you don’t have to keep track. It’s just one of the many joys of motherhood. When they’re little, you concern yourself with when they eat, when they sleep, when they poop, and so forth. As they get older, you’ll concern yourself with where they’re going, who with, and for how long. I’m not complaining. I just suppose you never realize how involved it’s all gonna be until you’re in the thick of it. Last night Chloe asked me if today was going to be a sunny day, and if they could go swimming. I explained it would be up to her Dad since I had to go to work again. She asked very seriously, “But who will rock us to sleep and feed us?”
2. I always knew I wanted to be a Mom. I waited a little longer than some women do, but for me, it was God’s perfect timing. I spoke with a friend recently who was really down in the dumps. She recently went through a divorce. She commented that she was turning 30 and was living with her parents and didn’t have a job. I told her not to loose hope. I shared that on my thirtieth birthday, I too found myself living in my parent’s back bedroom. In a brief period of three months, I had watched the life I knew crumble. My husband had left me. I went from my four bedroom home and nursing management position, to homeless and jobless. I explained to her that it’s all uphill from that point. God meets us at the bottom.
3. My twenties were full of world-wide travel, parties with friends, and sleeping in. They were filled with shopping sprees and meals out 5 times a week. Now, I haven’t traveled further than 2 hours in a couple of years. I am a regular Betty Crocker in the kitchen. I attend children’s birthday parties. I splurge on baby clothes and practical things, like a new vacuum cleaner. I haven’t been to a movie theater in over three years. I haven’t slept without a child in my bed, even one night, since Chloe arrived. The funny thing is, that’s all fine with me. Starting my family when I did has allowed me the opportunity to truly enjoy it. That doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy your kids if you had them in your teens or twenties. This is simply what God had for me. He knew I wasn’t ready in my twenties. I wasn’t where I needed to be in life, nor in my relationship with him. When I got home tonight, I made breakfast for dinner while Ben put up a tent for the girls to camp out in their bedroom floor. He also stuck glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. In our tiny kitchen, I squeezed up to the stove beside two aspiring little cooks on a chair, watching my every move. I thought, “This is perfect. I can think of nothing I’d prefer over this.” It’s been all uphill, and in a good way!
That is all 🙂





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