3 Facts for the Day

16 07 2013

1. I don’t know if it’s because all the rain has forced them to remain inside, or if it just comes natural. Either way, the two big girls have been crazy. Marlie, my 10 year old step-daughter is only with us part-time. Chloe, my two year old, loves her immensely! When Marlie leaves, Chloe is sad. Right before she comes, Chloe is ecstatic. When she is here, it’s a World War III, mass chaos, one flew over the cuckoo’s nest, pull your hair out, strangle a child kinda time. Don’t get me wrong. It’s really nice too. Chloe enjoys having someone to play with, and I’ll admit that it’s nice having someone keep her occupied. I love when we all sit down to dinner together, and it’s fun having an extra girl to add to the brood. But something about putting those two together is like cats and dogs playing. It’s like mixing ammonia and bleach. The math isn’t accurate. When you put their hyper personalities together, it isn’t addition. It’s somehow multiplication instead. They feed off each other, and the result is amazing. If it’s not the noise level being a decibel level beyond reasonable, then it’s the fighting. Chloe got in trouble twice by Ben for biting Marlie. I know there’s instigation, but Chloe is also very unreasonable. Simply put; it’s a two year old playing with a ten year old. The tattling and whining is bad enough, but add the wild, “I’m acting like I just snuck in your chocolate stash and drank a Mountain Dew” to the mix, and it’s a Calgon take me away moment in the making. The husband experienced the dynamic duo, in all their glory, by himself yesterday while I worked. We had decided to go on a date on our day off together, and when I got home last night, Ben said, “I wish we could go out right this minute!”
2. Ben and I haven’t gone to a movie together in a long time. The last time we saw a movie together was Valkyrie with Tom Cruise. That came out in 2008 y’all! My Mother-in-Law babysat for us. We decided on World War Z, as we had heard good reviews from family and friends. I’m not sure if I have ever been inside the theater in my home town. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true. When I was young, we only had a twin cinema. We would drive to Tupelo, the nearest bigger city, to go to the Malco 8. Ben and I went there many times as teenagers. The big theater in my home town opened after I left for the Navy. Even though I’ve been back home since 2007, I just never watched a movie there. I always preferred watching a movie at home. I could pause it if I needed to use the bathroom. I had an excellent surround sound system. Most importantly, I kept the temperature in my home how I liked it, and my snacks were free.
3. My how things change when you have kids! I cannot recall watching a movie in our home like we used to do. Now we opt for family friendly films. Typically we pick a movie based on what we think the kids will like. We start it, then they wander off bored. Then they start fussing and fighting because they’re tired. So is the baby. So we pause the movie to put kids to sleep. By then, it’s almost too late to even bother finishing it, and are we really interested in another Pixar film anyway? I share my snacks with tiny vultures. My lap is the best seat in the house. Someone poured chocolate milk in the sub woofer of the surround sound long ago. Makes that Malco theater sound pretty inviting. And, oh, it was! It was all I had hoped it would be. I felt like a teenager again as I cuddled next to my sweetie in an empty theater for a matinee showing. We held hands and no one crawled in my lap once. I had a bag of popcorn that was all mine. I didn’t take anybody peepee, but myself. Even the ride to and from the theater was cherished. Ben and I talked and didn’t get interrupted a single time. He’s been working a lot, and it was really special to have him all to myself. Ben mentioned after the movie, “I miss the girls, but this is really nice.” I had to agree. We watched an early show, so still picked up our babies in time to enjoy dinner together before baths and bed. When I enquired about their behavior, my Father-in-Law described them as “very spirited”. That’s a super sweet description of the wild child duet. If y’all see my in-laws, shake their hands and give them a pat on the back. I do hope we’ll be making more trips to the theater for a show, though. It was just what we needed.
That is all 🙂






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