3 Facts for the Day

20 07 2013

1. Today was a beautiful summer day in my opinion. We went swimming in our wading pool out in the back yard. It’s shallow enough so that Chloe can stand, but deep enough for Mommy to enjoy too. After a dose of sunscreen and putting on her hat, I placed Bailey in her Mickey Mouse float that also has a canopy to protect from the sun. Anything worth doing is worth doing well, right? She actually enjoys floating around, and will do so for as long as I let her. She likes for me to push her around and make motor boat sounds. Funny the things you do. Naturally, the two year old is always in mild jealousy mode. After a session around the pool in our little boat, I relaxed against the side. Chloe proceeded to go over to Bailey’s float and hastily bang the canopy shut and give it a not-too-friendly shove. I said, “Hey! You better not do that again or you’re getting out of the pool and sitting in the chair for 5 minutes. And 5 minutes is a long time for a little kid!” That’s the truth, isn’t it? Five minutes is an eternity when you’re two.
2. Y’all know how my brain works. I immediately thought about God’s timing. When 5 minutes seems forever to a two year old, but is merely a minuscule moment in time for me; what of God’s timing? What about all that stuff I got on my mind? What about the dreams, goals, or fervent prayers I think on daily? I wait anxiously to see them fulfilled. It made me wonder; am I like an impatient two year old? Am I thinking hurry, hurry, and God is thinking, “it hasn’t even been 5 minutes yet kid!” Then it hit me. I reckon God has got me in a time out! I wondered why this hadn’t occurred to me yet. That got me to thinking “exactly what is a time out?” Well, usually you put a kid in time out for their own good, first off. They typically get a bit rambunctious and get a bright idea of doing something stupid. They think its a good idea, though. They may even feel like you’ll approve of it. You typically foresee someone getting hurt, or some other poor outcome, and intercede with a time out. What happens during time out? Well, the goal is that they’ll think about what they’ve done. Even if they just sit there fiddling with a loose thread on their clothes, at least, you can mostly count on them not doing it again. When they emerge from the 5 minutes of pure torture, they’re better than before. They’re more eager to listen and follow direction. I figured maybe God wants me to sit still and think about things. Before I can run off doing what I think is best, maybe I need to spend His 5 minutes learning from my mistakes. Maybe as I wait, I’ll grow from His instruction and come off the couch with better ears for His directions.
3. When I think about waiting on promises, I think of Abraham. God told him that he would be a father of many nations. He couldn’t see how that could be with Sarah unable to produce a single heir. But God kept His promise. In his old age, he and Sarah had a son. I like a verse from Hebrews that speaks of this.
Hebrews 6:15
And so after waiting patiently, Abraham received what was promised.

Patiently it said. Oops. I would imagine I probably resemble my two year old in time out, fidgeting and crying, “Momma, can I get up yet?!” Today as I was thinking about all of this in the swimming pool, in the back of my mind I was thinking we might have to go in. There was a large gray cloud overhead. It had blocked the sun, and I wasn’t sure if swimming weather was in store for us. I began to watch the clouds and decided to wait. I watched as the gray cloud blew away. I watched in wonder as I glimpsed magnificent rays of sunshine burst through the cloud cover. The sun once again began to shine down on us, and we continued to swim. It reminded me of God’s timing and His promises. Before the brightest light is recognized, there are often shadows. It is after being in the gloom, that you can stretch out your arms and enjoy the warmth of brilliant sunshine on your skin. I reckon God may have me in a time out. How I deal with it is up to me. I will be still Lord. I will wait. Has God got you in a time out? How will you respond?
That is all 🙂







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