3 Facts for the Day

22 07 2013

1. Last night when I got home from work, the two year old was in rare form. She was bouncing around like the ball in a pinball machine. As I entered the kitchen, she immediately went for a bag of candy, that per my Aunt, she had not wanted all day. As I fed the baby, she came over and grabbed Bailey’s head, trying to shake it back and forth as the poor baby tried to nurse. She was certainly getting my attention! My Aunt, again commented on how well behaved Chloe had been all day. When Ben got home from work, a couple of hours later, it escalated. I went and sat on my husband’s lap on the couch, and he cradled my head on his shoulder. Chloe started climbing into my lap. Ben made her get down. She fell onto the floor in a heap and began to make whining, grunt noises. She started to incorporate flapping, hopping motions along with it. She resembled a reanimated corpse from some horror movie or perhaps a fish on the dock trying to get back to the water. Not tolerating such a fit, Ben instructed her to go to her room. She immediately collapsed into tears. After the threat of a spanking, Chloe went to her room. She stalked there wailing and actually bumped into a chair, blinded by her maltreatment I’m sure. Once in her room, her cries escalated in volume and intensity, lest we not hear her. She began to cough as she choked on her own indignation. All of that simply because her Mommy had been at work all day and she wanted some attention and affection. (Y’all know I ended up snuggling with my little munchkin later on.)
2. Have you ever had a moment where your life flashed before your eyes, as they say? I’m talking about an instance where you are certain you almost died. I’ve actually had a few in my time, but the most recent one comes to mind first. It surfaces in my mind just like cream will rise to the top. Approximately five years ago I had a near fatal car accident. I didn’t tell many people about it. No other vehicle was involved, and my own car was left without a mark, unless you count the sprig of grass sticking out of my hub cap. It was a very stormy night, that night. The roads were wet, and water was actually accumulating on the pavement. My car I always drove at the time was very small, lightweight, and low to the ground. It’s tires were similar in size to a dinner plate, which apparently makes traction a difficult thing to maintain. I’m sure it could have happened to anyone, but I know why it happened to me. Your past can often embarrass you. As a redeemed child, I choose not to be shackled by that embarrassment, but rather disclose my past in hopes of speaking truth into someone else’s life. That being said, when this accident occurred, I was not in a good place in life. I had strayed from Christ long before and continued on a downhill slide of depression and emptiness. Wow. Honesty is hard. Anyway, I will admit that the night I speak of, I should not have been operating a vehicle in the state of inebriation I was in. When you’re not in complete control of your mental capabilities, you think you can do much more than you really can. That night, I thought I could drive fast on water. Despite my diminished cognition, I recall with perfect clarity the moment I lost control of my vehicle. First it went a little left. Then it went a little right. The only thing that came to my altered mind was what you do if you slide on ice. So, I turned into the direction my car was going. I’m sure I drunkenly over-corrected. I immediately fell into a spin. My tiny car began to perform 360 degree revolutions across a river of rain. Of note, I was on a normally very busy road. There were also deep ditches on each side, except where multiple homes punctuated the residential area. I remember holding the steering wheel with white knuckles as it spun uncontrollably in my hands. I remember thinking, “This is it.” I felt a strange calm over my impending death. Suddenly, after what seemed like a dozen spins around the world, my car came to a halt. I looked out the window and was sitting perfectly square in someone’s driveway. I’ll admit, it shames me greatly to reveal this absurdity. I apologize to every person who has ever been on the road for my past stupidity. And this comes from a woman whose Mother was hit by a drunk driver. So stupid. This all has a point though.
3. This morning on my way to work my favorite song was playing again. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I blogged on it last weekend. I once again heard the words:

He is jealous for me
Love like a hurricane, I am a tree
Bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy
When all of the sudden I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory
I realize just how beautiful you are and how great your affections are for me.

He is jealous for me. That really got me thinking. That’s a neat thought, isn’t it? I think you have to really examine what that means. Sometimes you can mistakenly look at the negative connotations we humans have of the word jealous. Jealous doesn’t simply mean you wish you had a house like your brother or a nice car like your neighbor. God isn’t like us. His jealousy is different. He created us and we belong to Him. Therefore He is rightly and justly jealous if we give our adoration and attention elsewhere and above Him.

Exodus 34:14 (NLT)
You must worship no other gods, for The Lord, whose very name is Jealous, is a God who is jealous about His relationship with you.

He desires a love relationship with us, and when we leave a relationship with Him, He is jealous. Just like how Chloe desired me to hold her and love on her after my absence all day, so God longs to hold us. I’m not saying God will collapse into a heap on the floor like my two year old. Don’t get me wrong. I am saying that He will do most anything to get our attention and direct it towards Him. I do know that He was with me that night on that stretch of wet blacktop. I had fallen out of relationship. Like Chloe trying to get my attention last night; God was trying to get my attention that rainy night. In His sovereign mercy, He allowed me to live. He shook me up a bit, but didn’t give up on me yet. I’m quite certain, that over time, as Chloe grew into a woman, that if I ignored her or never showed my love for her, she would give up on me, and stop being jealous for my affection. To sustain a relationship with her, I must show her that I care and give her some of my time. Thankfully, God never gives up on us coming back to Him. With that in mind, I think about my husband though. Because I love him, I would never be inappropriate with another man. He would have every right to be jealous, but because of my love for him, I don’t go there. So it is with a relationship with God. I will choose to not put other things above Him or make decisions that distance me from Him, because I love Him. I hate it took me so long to figure that out. I’m grateful for how great His affection for me remained.
That is all šŸ™‚





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