3 Facts for the Day

24 07 2013

1. It’s a strange kind of excitement as you watch your child learn to do things for the first time on their own. Bailey, the 7 month old, is beginning to pull up on objects, and stand holding to them. She has looked like she’s going to crawl for weeks now, but is still content in simply pushing her body around in a scooting motion, mostly backyards, to get around the living room. She is extremely curious, and it makes me a little worried. I never had to childproof with her older sister. Chloe seemed content in staying on the carpet as a baby, and didn’t venture around much. I never used a play-yard, gate, or other means of confinement. By the time she walked, she somehow seemed to understand not to touch adult things. I don’t see it going that way with little Sis. Her hands are always searching, grabbing at anything, and especially if it’s off limits. This morning she surprised me by trying to leap out of my arms multiple times. I had her on my hip, but she saw a toy on the floor that she wanted. With no regard for safety or consequences, she sprang with all her might to free herself from my grasp. I held tightly, and gently lowered her to solid ground.
2. I remain in a holding pattern in a few areas of life. I’ve spoke of it before to you all. I’ve mentioned that God has me in a “time-out.” I’ve blogged of waiting patiently and “being still.” I suppose I blog on this subject often because for all intensive purposes, I am myself a child. When you attempt to fathom God’s character, you realize how utterly human you are. You recognize in yourself characteristics very much like a child. God must remind you of things repeatedly. Faith can always use strengthening it seems. I watch my baby trying to leap from my arms, and I see myself. I realize I am not alone in the terminal. While I wait for my connecting flight, He is with me. When I feel especially worried, down-trodden, or hopeless, I am reminded that He is actually holding me in His arms. As we wait together, I get impatient as usual. It’s so hard for a child to be still. I get excited for what’s coming next, and the next thing you know, I’m trying to jump out of His arms (will).
3. Today, after a late lunch, or perhaps early dinner you might say, we went to the store for a few essentials. (Yes Maw, I was indeed buying coffee creamer). Bailey loves that she’s big enough to ride in the basket instead of that confining ole baby carrier. She grins ear to ear, and beats her hands excitedly against the hand rail, and kicks her feet freely. After a few aisles, though, I noticed her listing to the side. Her thumb was in her mouth, and her eyelids were heavy. We pressed on hurriedly, but it became more than she felt she could bear. She started to whine to alert me to this fact. Before she started to cry, I scooped her up and held her, cradled in my arms. As a side note; it’s very difficult to push a full cart with a 2 year old hanging off of it, while cradling a chunky baby in your arms. Anyway, though, she was content at that moment, being in my arms. After we checked out, loaded up the van, and headed home, both girls fell asleep. As I drove in silence, I thought, “How nice this is, when they both finally rest.” On the radio, I caught the lyrics, “When everything is falling apart, you will be safe in His arms.” Ahh. So true. Even as Bailey started to fall apart, she found comfort in my arms. I have to remind myself of that. He is the author and perfecter of my life. I can always find rest in his arms. I am always safe there. He not only comforts me, but shields me there as I wait. Even when I try to jump, He is faithful to hold me tight, and ease me down to solid ground. I am in a place right now where I need that refuge, and I’m actually pleased to discover that I always will. I will be safe in His arms.
That is all 🙂





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