3 Facts for the Day

27 07 2013

1. We had a late, leisurely breakfast today. As usual, Chloe pulled out her favorite step stool, and assisted me. Everything I do, she cries out, “I wanna do it!” I enjoy her eagerness to learn, so within reason, I allow her to do it. After she had obliterated eggs, cracking them into the bowl with her fingers, I removed the shells. After she had her go at mixing around the egg and milk mixture, I attacked it aggressively with the whisk. As the liquid scramble began to heat up in the skillet, she grabbed the salt shaker and asked, “Can I do it Mommy?” I told her, “Not yet baby.” Then she growled. “What’s wrong?” I asked in surprise. She simply replied, “I hate waiting!” I then launched into an explanation of how if we added salt too quickly, the eggs wouldn’t be as fluffy. I explained to her that we must wait until they were almost completely cooked before we could season them for taste. “You like your eggs fluffy, don’t you?” I questioned. She let out a long syllabled, “Yesss.”
2. Later we decided to get out and run a few errands. We were going to see Daddy, get gas, and pick up some essentials. There always seems to be something you gotta have when you have little ones. Today’s essentials, in order of importance, were as follows: diapers for the baby, D batteries for the swing, and caffeinated diet soda for the Mommy. (Now that I think of it, caffeinated drinks should have been first). As we walked out the door, Chloe requested to watch the Wow Wow Wubbzy (a favored cartoon) DVD when we got in the van. Currently playing was Robots, (a kid’s movie) and Chloe was explaining that she didn’t like it anymore. I assured her that she actually did still like it, she just wanted to watch something else. She agreed with my assessment, and I promised I would put in the disc she requested. She climbed into her seat as I secured the baby on the opposite side. I went around and cranked the van to get the air going and switch movies. As I reached under her seat for the DVD case, she asked in a whine, “Mom, can you put in Wow Wow Wubbzy for me?” Kids always do that, don’t they? In sheer aggravation I questioned, “Chloe! What do you think I’m doing?” “Oh. Ok.” she laughed.
3. Today I was struck with a question. What is my attitude on life? How exactly do I wait? Most people are waiting for something. Even if your life is exactly how you want it, and you wouldn’t change a thing, there’s still something you’re waiting on. I looked around me today and remembered that even as I wait on my own request, my own yet to be fulfilled dream, I am in a pretty darn good waiting room! I am surrounded by blessings. I thought of Paul in prison. Even there he remained in joy. Afterwards, he wrote:

1 Thessalonians 5:16
Be joyful always.

I’m not even in prison. I’m making eggs! I don’t want to be the kind of person who growls as I wait, who grumbles over the inconvenience. I want to be in joy, thankful for my circumstances, no matter how long the wait. When you remember that God knows how best to cook the eggs, that He indeed developed the original recipe, you can understand why you must wait to add the salt. He knows how long you gotta cook before He can add the flavor. Then I thought of my prayers and requests. How do I pray? I believe, according to His word, that He approves of prayer without ceasing. He wants me to continue to come to Him faithfully with my request, but I wanted to look deeper at what my prayer attitude may be. If He’s promised to answer my prayer, am I continuing to pray in belief and in a spirit of faith, or am I whining an anxious request. Do I sound like Chloe repeating her DVD request. After He’s told me it shall be fulfilled, do I pray in an attitude of disbelief asking, “Why haven’t you answered me Lord?! Will you answer me Lord?! When will you answer me Lord?! I know you said you would, so I’m waiting!!” I want to pray to my God like I want my kid to ask me stuff! I don’t mind her asking me something twice. It’s the attitude of disbelief that astounds me.

John 14:14
You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.

I realize that’s a loaded verse. We could launch into a lengthy discussion on God’s will, etc., but for brevity sake, let’s keep it simple. Let’s have the attitude that if we ask, we shall receive. Right now, God is wanting us to believe He can. Even the most faithful can falter when the waiting is longer than anticipated. While we wait, let’s be in a spirit of joy and thanksgiving. So easily can we have our gaze focus on the finish line and forget to smell the roses along the way. I’m embracing joy. I’m asking with anticipation to receive, even if the answer isn’t exactly as I envisioned. You wanna join me?
That is all 🙂





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