3 Facts for the Day

30 07 2013

1. As I strolled through my neighborhood, with all three girls in tow, I prayed silently. I’ve had some decisions on my mind concerning the path to take for some projects I’m currently working on. I’ve been trying to decide whether to wait, or pursue the next step options. I was hesitant to act if my decisions could be wrongly influenced by impatience, rather than ordained by God’s will. Sounds pretty major, right? I know, I’m crazy. Even as I walked and prayed, silently asking God to reveal His direction to me, I think He shook His head as well. I can have a tendency to become anxious about such things. Earlier in the car, I had said to my husband, in regards to a comment he made about people beating down doors God has shut, “But sometimes it’s hard to know which doors are open and which ones are closed.” He replied quickly, “What do you mean. No it’s not.” So glad it comes so easy for him. (You may insert mildly jealous sarcasm here). Maybe it’s because he doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Maybe he’s too busy enjoying it.
2. Today we went swimming as a family. Ben and I had the three girls, and it was really a good time. The thing was, it wasn’t just the swell time swimming in the pool. It was the presence of all the people I love. It wasn’t the big things that made me smile. It was the small things. It was the tiny moments that caught my breath in my throat, and made me feel so full. It was catching a glimpse of my daughter and thinking I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. Her hair was matted wet to her head and falling out of the ponytail after so much play, but something about the way the light fell on her face, and the polka-dot swim suit rode up her hip, it made me smile. It was watching my baby as she sat in my lap. I had put her in between my legs, facing away from me. She had managed to turn herself around, and start climbing my lap to reach my chest. Her simple feats of coordination and strength gave me pleasure. It was watching my husband stand by the side of the water, when he didn’t know I was looking. I noticed how his hair was growing longer, and peppered with more gray, but I realized I think he is the most handsome he has ever been. I even enjoyed all the “Hey! Watch me’s!” There were so many, both older children competing not only in who could do the best water stunt, but apparently who could be the loudest.
3. I spoke with a woman I admire very much today. She is older than I am, having raised her children already. When I walked into her home, I immediately took note of my surroundings. Everything looked so neat and in place. There were no toys on the floor. There were no piles of laundry on the couch. One glance in the kitchen revealed clutter free counters without a dirty dish in sight. While there was soft music in the background, I was immediately struck by the utter silence. It seemed so very quiet compared to my home. It was almost like a library. I commented on the quiet atmosphere. The funny think is, I didn’t comment on how nice it was as you may think. I actually asked how she could stand it so quiet. She commented that she didn’t like it. “I would trade it for your noise any day” she said. I remember when I had a quiet home. I remember hot baths with a good novel. I rather enjoyed my solitude. But things have changed now. Now I know how beautiful noise can be. I know the music of a child’s laugh. I know the warmth of a baby in your lap. I feel content with family movie night and grilled hamburgers, even when I have to share my plate and my chair. The thing is, if I get too lost trying to figure out what door God is opening, I may miss the opportunity for joy in the room He has placed me in right now. I’m not saying not to seek God’s will for your life. I’m just saying don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t worry over every detail, and if it’s fitting into His plan. Today on my walk, as I prayed for God to show me His plan, I felt like He said, “Relax. Don’t fret over this. It’s not what you can do. It’s what I am doing.” Read that again. I did. It’s not what we’re doing. It’s what He’s doing. Kinda takes that pressure off, doesn’t it? Some days I just need to calm down, and remember He has it all under control. If I make a misstep, He will straighten my path. In the meantime, I can enjoy every second of the life in front of me. Too much focus on the future plans make the present gifts look blurry. I’m not ready for my empty nest yet, but I know it will come quickly enough. I won’t take a moment for granted or waste a second of it. I’ll enjoy the room I’m in.
That is all 🙂





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