3 Facts for the Day

31 07 2013

1. My goal this evening was to post from my new domain. It’s just not going to work out that way, I suppose. For one, it seems that WordPress.org is a little bit different from WordPress.com. Some reading this may know exactly what I’m talking about, and even know more. If so, maybe you can come over and show me how to share from my new site. I certainly can’t figure it out. I’ve been working on this for hours! Well, I say that, don’t I. I’ve been back and forth with it. It’s hard to focus when you are entertaining kiddos at your keyboard. I’m actually away from the desktop and back on my smart phone. Why? The baby woke up. I’m not really surprised. She has a runny nose, and doesn’t seem to be feeling well at all. If it keeps up like this, I’ll likely be holding her all night, and there’s no telling when I’ll work on the new site. That’s ok, though. My site name says it all. This right now, rocking my girl, that’s the important stuff. Widgets, headers, and plugins can wait. I know. Blog talk is giving me a headache too.
2. Today seemed like a tough day for me before I even started with the blog business. The house was a wreck. It gets that way over the weekend, and on Monday I’m too busy enjoying my family to worry about it. Usually on Tuesday, though, I try to regain some semblance of order so I don’t loose my marbles. I don’t expect an immaculate home. I realize those days are on hold in this season. I do try to keep a clear path so no one breaks a leg. I try to keep dishes washed. No, wait. I finally wash them when we’re out of clean ones and I’m forced to. That’s pretty frequent though. Bowls, spoons, and little cups are ever abounding. I’m pretty used to the fact that I’ll always be in some mode of picking up. If I weren’t, the very fabric of my little society would unravel. Or so I think. I tell myself that if I didn’t pick up those discarded dirty clothes off the couch, they would probably stay there forever. If I didn’t wash the dishes, everyone else would just eat off the floor. If I didn’t wash clothes, they would probably just run around either naked, or God forbid, in dirty clothes. (Insert dramatic music here). Most days I’m okay with that. It seems to almost make me feel needed in a way. I think to myself that my attention to order must prevent our little home from spinning off its axis. I usually just do, with no thought about it. But every once in a while, I have a day where it gets under my skin. Today was that day. Today I just felt so frustrated over all the picking up. I felt like my entire existence was comprised of cleaning up the mess of others. Why? So they could make more messes of course! I felt like they would make them knowing I would clean them up. I suppose every Mom feels that way. Some days it bothers you. Other days it doesn’t. It bothered me today.
3. I was scheduled to have a babysitter tonight so I could go help clean up the church. I spent most of my day cleaning my house. After cleaning the dishes, the girls were ready to eat again. Marlie was here too, and it seemed like just one more to feed and clean up after. It would be fine if I was used to three children all the time. It being only part-time actually makes it harder. After I cleaned the floor, they naturally tracked sandbox inside. This happens all the time, and I usually just shrug it off. But like I said, today just seemed harder than usual. I really felt like I should go clean the church, but in the end, I wimped out of more cleaning. I actually had my sitter come anyway, though. She watched the girls while I worked on the computer. I did something just for me, and it felt nice. I don’t do that often. It was a much needed and appreciated time of solace. Of course, now I’m a little frustrated about the work I got done with my blog site. I can’t seem to figure out what to do next. I laugh at myself! A lot of the verses I read today spoke of not being weary, and holding on for God’s blessing. I can do that. Well, I don’t know. I feel pretty weary right now. The baby is back asleep, so maybe we’ll both rest. Joy comes in the morning. We’ll see if this still posts from my old site.
That is all 🙂





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