3 Facts for the Day

26 07 2013

1. Last night I didn’t cook dinner. The hubby instructed me that he would bring pizza home for us. If you don’t know, that’s what the Mr. does for a living. His pizza pie is a local favorite, and he tosses dough like no one else can. I am always touched when he brings us home pizza. It may not seem like much to you, but to me it is. I realize that by the time he puts together our pizza, at the end of the night, he has already made more of the pies all day than I could imagine. It also is a sweet gesture considering he won’t likely partake in the meal himself. Since making the decision to limit sodium in his diet, pizza is mostly off limits. The thing that struck me most, though, was this action came at the end of a day in which my husband had been serving, assisting, or providing for us continuously.
2. As is so often the case, babies feel it is necessary to keep you alert. They never want you to take anything for granted. Once you become comfortable with their sleep schedule, and begin to rest more comfortably as they sleep through the night, they will switch things up. Teething starts around the time you get sleep training in place. This means midnight awakenings. This has been the case this week. Early yesterday morning, around 2:30 am, Bailey woke up. Ben offered to take her. In my sleep fog, I didn’t argue. I actually turned over contentedly and fell back asleep almost instantly. He took the baby knowing that his alarm was set for 6 am. My alarm was set for. Oh, wait. That’s right. My alarm wasn’t set at all. I could get up whenever I chose. He went to an appointment out of town with three hours sleep. He also opted to take Chloe with him so I could sleep in with the baby. I knew he would have to go to work when he returned. I secretly hoped, for his sake, that he wouldn’t have to go into work until later in the evening so he could get a nap. After arriving home, he let me know that he indeed could stay home until that afternoon. He decided to spend that free time mowing the yard. The little time that was left after yard work, he spent playing with the children and talking to me.
3. Sometimes I wonder how I got so blessed with my spouse. One thing I try not to do is take him for granted. I always want him to know that what he does for us is appreciated. Even if I think he already knows, I’ll tell him how proud we are to call him our own. I make sure I say thank you. I always say I love you. I send texts and pictures, not so many as to bother him at work, but enough for him to know we’re thinking of him in his absence. Today Chloe brought in a watering can she wanted me to fill in the kitchen sink. It was covered with dirt from sitting outside. Just her bringing it through from the back door, had left a trail of dirt everywhere. It made me think of what you bring into your home, or your marriage for that matter. You can’t bring dirt into your house and expect your marriage to stay pristine. Sadly, this is something I learned after my first marriage fell apart. I won’t expound on that. If something comes to mind that you question if it could be “dirt”, then it probably is. Also, never put yourself in a compromising situation. If you think your spouse wouldn’t approve, stop there, no matter how innocent it may seem. (For the record, I’ve never cheated, but have been cheated on). Another thing I never did in my previous marriage was pray for my husband. I can’t look back now at the mistakes I made. I’m not sure that any amount of prayer could change the mess we made. I can only look at what God has given me now. I pray for Ben without ceasing. Mostly I just lift him up and ask God to bless my spouse and help him feel God’s love for him. Most important, I thank God everyday for the gift of my husband. If you don’t see your husband as a gift, I would encourage you to look again. Don’t look at him with critical, judgmental eyes. Don’t look with your friend’s or your family’s eyes. Look at him with God’s eyes and you will be blessed at the gift you hold each day.
That is all 🙂



3 Facts for the Day

25 07 2013

1. I realize that I’ve come to a place in my relationship with my earthly Father that is unlike anywhere we’ve yet been together. My Daddy means the world to me. If you never had the opportunity to read my blog series for Father’s Day, then I would encourage you to read it first and get a good picture of my Dad’s character before going any further. You can find the first part here. When my Mother passed away, it was a hard time for us all. It was especially difficult on my Dad. I think I’ve mentioned this in a blog before, but I’ve never went into much detail. Even in a four part Father’s Day blog, I never came completely clean. There’s secrets we all hold inside, and even if you decide to open your life via a blog, there’s still many things you keep close to your chest, and like a hand of cards, you never reveal. After Mom died I worried about Daddy. He was very upset, naturally, and also very dependent on having his children close. This I also understood. If I left his house, I knew I better call once I was safely inside my own home, to prevent undue concern. Fast forward a year, and I suppose we all had changed. Grief has a way of doing that. Like the way decades of a flowing stream can carve its journey through the rock, so can grief cut its hollows in your character. Dad remarried and moved on. I can’t say much. I did the same, in a way. It’s strange living in the aftermath of a family changed. Our family home stood empty. There were no more birthday parties there. My firstborn never even sat on the floor on their living room like I had envisioned. As time has elapsed, I can see where God fashioned things to work out like they did, and I’m at peace with that. I suppose what has been difficult is feeling like I’ve lost a relationship with my Dad. No, that’s not right. Not lost, but just that it feels changed.
2. I will go weeks, sometimes months without seeing my Dad. This is something we experienced in my twenties, but I lived 1000 or so miles away. Currently we’re only 20 minutes apart. I realize I could put forth more of an effort to go see him, but it’s not always easy. It seems with the two small ones, I just get bogged down with other responsibilities. There’s times where I’m angry. I wonder why he doesn’t come see us. I prayed and prayed about it. I started to feel some understanding and less anger as God spoke to me about it. I think my Dad had an extremely difficult time after Mom’s death. I really don’t think he could have gone on like he was. The only way he knew to move forward was to leave some things behind. I’m not saying he’s forgotten about me. I just feel like he has built a new life for himself, and it’s hard to incorporate his children inside this new world. I also realize that while I’ll always be Daddy’s girl, I am no longer his little girl. I’m keenly aware that he has full confidence in my spouse to care for me. We both understand that I have left my Dad’s umbrella of protection and now stand under Ben’s spiritual umbrella. At first I think the devil wanted to break down my relationship with Dad. He found this kink and tried to break me down. I remember thinking, “Now that your Mom is gone, there’s nothing tying you two together. He has his biological children. You don’t fit anymore.” Thankfully, that self-defeating lie was short lived. I do sometimes think I remind him of Mom, with my actions, humor, and intellect. I think that’s hard for him. Different people deal with loss in different ways.
3. Have you ever noticed how some days are harder than others? Some days you just feel blah. Some days you deal okay with what life has been throwing your way. On those days you’re at peace with the low balance in your bank account. Your patience levels are high, and you feel confident in God’s plan for your life, and however long it may be in fruition. Thankfully those days are frequent, but then there’s the other days. It’s the days that are opposite of the above described. Those are the days you feel down and out. It usually seems that those days accompany a feeling of God’s absence. You know in your heart He’s there, but you just can’t seem to feel His presence. I’m not sure why, but some seasons in life just feel that way. It’s those times, I guess, that you have to really lean on what you know that you know.

2 Corinthians 5:7
For we live by faith, not by sight.

I know without a doubt that my Daddy (here on earth) loves me deeply. I could call him right now and tell him I needed his help, and he’d be here before I could whistle Dixie. No distance, no circumstance, and no amount of time can take away the relationship we share. It’s the same with my other Daddy (my Heavenly one).

Deuteronomy 31:6
Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for The Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you.

Even on the days when His presence seems far, I know in my heart He is there. Funny thing happens. When I cling to that belief and hold it tight like a child’s favorite blankie, I begin to feel His presence.
I had my Dad on my mind today, and I suppose I was on his as well. That led me to write about him today. As I was nearing the end of the post, I heard a knock on my door. It was my Daddy! We fell into our comfortable relationship as usual. Even Chloe climbed into his lap eagerly, never showing any hint of frustration over his absence. It was really nice, and felt like old times.

Whether your Dad is gone, you never had one, or there’s a wedge between you, it’s comforting to know our Papa in Heaven adores us so. Don’t worry about my Daddy and me. God showed me the character of His Father Heart by first showing me the love my earthly Dad could bestow upon me. Even on the bad days, I still know my Daddy loves me. I guess you could say I’m one blessed girl with my two Dads.
That is all 🙂


3 Facts for the Day

24 07 2013

1. It’s a strange kind of excitement as you watch your child learn to do things for the first time on their own. Bailey, the 7 month old, is beginning to pull up on objects, and stand holding to them. She has looked like she’s going to crawl for weeks now, but is still content in simply pushing her body around in a scooting motion, mostly backyards, to get around the living room. She is extremely curious, and it makes me a little worried. I never had to childproof with her older sister. Chloe seemed content in staying on the carpet as a baby, and didn’t venture around much. I never used a play-yard, gate, or other means of confinement. By the time she walked, she somehow seemed to understand not to touch adult things. I don’t see it going that way with little Sis. Her hands are always searching, grabbing at anything, and especially if it’s off limits. This morning she surprised me by trying to leap out of my arms multiple times. I had her on my hip, but she saw a toy on the floor that she wanted. With no regard for safety or consequences, she sprang with all her might to free herself from my grasp. I held tightly, and gently lowered her to solid ground.
2. I remain in a holding pattern in a few areas of life. I’ve spoke of it before to you all. I’ve mentioned that God has me in a “time-out.” I’ve blogged of waiting patiently and “being still.” I suppose I blog on this subject often because for all intensive purposes, I am myself a child. When you attempt to fathom God’s character, you realize how utterly human you are. You recognize in yourself characteristics very much like a child. God must remind you of things repeatedly. Faith can always use strengthening it seems. I watch my baby trying to leap from my arms, and I see myself. I realize I am not alone in the terminal. While I wait for my connecting flight, He is with me. When I feel especially worried, down-trodden, or hopeless, I am reminded that He is actually holding me in His arms. As we wait together, I get impatient as usual. It’s so hard for a child to be still. I get excited for what’s coming next, and the next thing you know, I’m trying to jump out of His arms (will).
3. Today, after a late lunch, or perhaps early dinner you might say, we went to the store for a few essentials. (Yes Maw, I was indeed buying coffee creamer). Bailey loves that she’s big enough to ride in the basket instead of that confining ole baby carrier. She grins ear to ear, and beats her hands excitedly against the hand rail, and kicks her feet freely. After a few aisles, though, I noticed her listing to the side. Her thumb was in her mouth, and her eyelids were heavy. We pressed on hurriedly, but it became more than she felt she could bear. She started to whine to alert me to this fact. Before she started to cry, I scooped her up and held her, cradled in my arms. As a side note; it’s very difficult to push a full cart with a 2 year old hanging off of it, while cradling a chunky baby in your arms. Anyway, though, she was content at that moment, being in my arms. After we checked out, loaded up the van, and headed home, both girls fell asleep. As I drove in silence, I thought, “How nice this is, when they both finally rest.” On the radio, I caught the lyrics, “When everything is falling apart, you will be safe in His arms.” Ahh. So true. Even as Bailey started to fall apart, she found comfort in my arms. I have to remind myself of that. He is the author and perfecter of my life. I can always find rest in his arms. I am always safe there. He not only comforts me, but shields me there as I wait. Even when I try to jump, He is faithful to hold me tight, and ease me down to solid ground. I am in a place right now where I need that refuge, and I’m actually pleased to discover that I always will. I will be safe in His arms.
That is all 🙂


3 Facts for the Day (Trayvon Martin Edition)

23 07 2013

1. I continue to see images on social media in relation to recent controversies sensationalized by our beloved journalists. Initially I remained in the background on this issue. I watched, from a safe distance, as both sides duked it out. It felt easier to keep my opinion to myself, especially as things began to get ugly. I even stood in shock as I watched vicious tongues lash on people simply stating they wanted nothing to do with it all! It seems to have simmered down from the initial onslaught of self-righteous anger, but I continue to see a world divided, pitting one opinion against the next. As much as I wanted to distance myself completely from the finger pointing and name calling, and it would be especially easy as time has passed, I felt an urging to write on this today.
2. I am no stranger to racism. Sadly, I have been the victim of racism. “Ridiculous” you may say! After all, I’m a Caucasian female. Call me white, if you will. Well I tell you, I can be the victim of racism as easy as anyone else. It’s definition is intolerance, hatred, or discrimination against a person based on their race or ethnicity. When I was in the military and stationed up North in either Great Lakes, IL or Bethesda, MD, I was the victim of racism numerous times. It was easily assumed that because I was a white girl from Mississippi that I was ignorant, close-minded, and naturally hated all black people and felt I was above them. My Mother raised me originally in California. She was very insistent on being tolerant and unified with people of all races, ethnicities, and backgrounds. I have never had a racist bone in my body, but because I had a southern accent, it was just assumed that I was. Everyone saw the movie Mississippi Burning and drew their own conclusions. It hurt to be judged. So if you feel like a victim of racism, then I am very sorry for your feelings and am definitely empathetic. There seems to be a bigger problem here though folks, and that is truly the reason for this post. As I sat back watching my friends and relatives launch a race war on social media, all I felt was sadness. I suppose I should say that at first I was sad. Then I became angry. It infuriated me that the devil could use God’s people in such a way. As I sat back in silence I watched satan sow discourse in the church of public opinion.

Romans 16: 17-18
I urge you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and put obstacles in your way that are contrary to the teaching you have learned. Keep from them. For such people are not serving our Lord Christ, but their own appetites. By smooth talk and flattery they deceive the minds of naive people.

There is no problem with standing firm in what you believe in/for. That is admirable actually. The problem occurs when self-serving anger causes you to lash out vehemently to your fellow man. You think, “I have been wronged. I have been discriminated against!” I, I, I! Don’t be naive enough to think it is anything but selfishness. Using dividing terms like “my people” is equally as wrong as bringing up stories of crimes from a decade ago to try and make your point more valid than the other guy’s. Either way becomes a game of “one upping” the other person. My story of discrimination and hatred is worse than yours!! It’s not even your story, is the thing. You’re using the tragedy of someone else to further your own stance, your own personal agenda. In the end, it serves only one purpose. No one’s point is made any better than the other. The only real thing that has happened is God’s people have been divided against each other.
3. This morning my two year old asked her Father and I to play blocks with her. As we started to build block towers, she decided quickly that she would rather make her own. As Ben and I worked together, our tower easily grew in height. She looked over at our masterpiece. I felt certain she would be angry over our result in comparison to her own. She surprised me though. She said, “I got a good block for there.” She removed a single Lego from her tower and placed it in a vacant spot of our construction. She did not get angry that our tower was taller. She didn’t complain that we had more blocks, were older, and therefore more able to construct what we had. She could have easily smacked our tower to the ground. Instead she united her efforts and resources with ours. Together we created something greater than we could have apart. Could we all learn from the innocence of youth? No, this has no hidden meanings concerning classes and distribution of wealth. Don’t be daft. The point of the story is working together despite your differences. Unity, not division, is what we need as a people, church, and country. I’m saddened that we can so easily be manipulated to take our eyes off the ball. While we’re throwing low punches at one another over one poor boy’s inexcusable death, thousands are dying to crimes of hatred. Our division only fuels the fire for these acts of hate against humanity. You’ve all heard, united we stand, divided we fall. It’s true. I encourage you to open your eyes. You will see the enemy is laughing while we blindly become ensnared in his trap. Dividing God’s army is his mission. I am truly sorry for injustice, discrimination, and hatred. But let’s not make it worse! If you want to “make a stand” for something, stand up for love.

John 13: 34-35
A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.

I would encourage you before you make that next comment, or share that next post on social media, that you stop and think. Ask yourself, “Does this show God’s love? Does this unify or divide God’s people? Am I simply responding quickly in self-serving anger?” This is something we all must remind ourselves of to keep the family unit functioning for The Kingdom. I love you all, brothers and sisters.
That is all 🙂


3 Facts for the Day

22 07 2013

1. Last night when I got home from work, the two year old was in rare form. She was bouncing around like the ball in a pinball machine. As I entered the kitchen, she immediately went for a bag of candy, that per my Aunt, she had not wanted all day. As I fed the baby, she came over and grabbed Bailey’s head, trying to shake it back and forth as the poor baby tried to nurse. She was certainly getting my attention! My Aunt, again commented on how well behaved Chloe had been all day. When Ben got home from work, a couple of hours later, it escalated. I went and sat on my husband’s lap on the couch, and he cradled my head on his shoulder. Chloe started climbing into my lap. Ben made her get down. She fell onto the floor in a heap and began to make whining, grunt noises. She started to incorporate flapping, hopping motions along with it. She resembled a reanimated corpse from some horror movie or perhaps a fish on the dock trying to get back to the water. Not tolerating such a fit, Ben instructed her to go to her room. She immediately collapsed into tears. After the threat of a spanking, Chloe went to her room. She stalked there wailing and actually bumped into a chair, blinded by her maltreatment I’m sure. Once in her room, her cries escalated in volume and intensity, lest we not hear her. She began to cough as she choked on her own indignation. All of that simply because her Mommy had been at work all day and she wanted some attention and affection. (Y’all know I ended up snuggling with my little munchkin later on.)
2. Have you ever had a moment where your life flashed before your eyes, as they say? I’m talking about an instance where you are certain you almost died. I’ve actually had a few in my time, but the most recent one comes to mind first. It surfaces in my mind just like cream will rise to the top. Approximately five years ago I had a near fatal car accident. I didn’t tell many people about it. No other vehicle was involved, and my own car was left without a mark, unless you count the sprig of grass sticking out of my hub cap. It was a very stormy night, that night. The roads were wet, and water was actually accumulating on the pavement. My car I always drove at the time was very small, lightweight, and low to the ground. It’s tires were similar in size to a dinner plate, which apparently makes traction a difficult thing to maintain. I’m sure it could have happened to anyone, but I know why it happened to me. Your past can often embarrass you. As a redeemed child, I choose not to be shackled by that embarrassment, but rather disclose my past in hopes of speaking truth into someone else’s life. That being said, when this accident occurred, I was not in a good place in life. I had strayed from Christ long before and continued on a downhill slide of depression and emptiness. Wow. Honesty is hard. Anyway, I will admit that the night I speak of, I should not have been operating a vehicle in the state of inebriation I was in. When you’re not in complete control of your mental capabilities, you think you can do much more than you really can. That night, I thought I could drive fast on water. Despite my diminished cognition, I recall with perfect clarity the moment I lost control of my vehicle. First it went a little left. Then it went a little right. The only thing that came to my altered mind was what you do if you slide on ice. So, I turned into the direction my car was going. I’m sure I drunkenly over-corrected. I immediately fell into a spin. My tiny car began to perform 360 degree revolutions across a river of rain. Of note, I was on a normally very busy road. There were also deep ditches on each side, except where multiple homes punctuated the residential area. I remember holding the steering wheel with white knuckles as it spun uncontrollably in my hands. I remember thinking, “This is it.” I felt a strange calm over my impending death. Suddenly, after what seemed like a dozen spins around the world, my car came to a halt. I looked out the window and was sitting perfectly square in someone’s driveway. I’ll admit, it shames me greatly to reveal this absurdity. I apologize to every person who has ever been on the road for my past stupidity. And this comes from a woman whose Mother was hit by a drunk driver. So stupid. This all has a point though.
3. This morning on my way to work my favorite song was playing again. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I blogged on it last weekend. I once again heard the words:

He is jealous for me
Love like a hurricane, I am a tree
Bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy
When all of the sudden I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory
I realize just how beautiful you are and how great your affections are for me.

He is jealous for me. That really got me thinking. That’s a neat thought, isn’t it? I think you have to really examine what that means. Sometimes you can mistakenly look at the negative connotations we humans have of the word jealous. Jealous doesn’t simply mean you wish you had a house like your brother or a nice car like your neighbor. God isn’t like us. His jealousy is different. He created us and we belong to Him. Therefore He is rightly and justly jealous if we give our adoration and attention elsewhere and above Him.

Exodus 34:14 (NLT)
You must worship no other gods, for The Lord, whose very name is Jealous, is a God who is jealous about His relationship with you.

He desires a love relationship with us, and when we leave a relationship with Him, He is jealous. Just like how Chloe desired me to hold her and love on her after my absence all day, so God longs to hold us. I’m not saying God will collapse into a heap on the floor like my two year old. Don’t get me wrong. I am saying that He will do most anything to get our attention and direct it towards Him. I do know that He was with me that night on that stretch of wet blacktop. I had fallen out of relationship. Like Chloe trying to get my attention last night; God was trying to get my attention that rainy night. In His sovereign mercy, He allowed me to live. He shook me up a bit, but didn’t give up on me yet. I’m quite certain, that over time, as Chloe grew into a woman, that if I ignored her or never showed my love for her, she would give up on me, and stop being jealous for my affection. To sustain a relationship with her, I must show her that I care and give her some of my time. Thankfully, God never gives up on us coming back to Him. With that in mind, I think about my husband though. Because I love him, I would never be inappropriate with another man. He would have every right to be jealous, but because of my love for him, I don’t go there. So it is with a relationship with God. I will choose to not put other things above Him or make decisions that distance me from Him, because I love Him. I hate it took me so long to figure that out. I’m grateful for how great His affection for me remained.
That is all 🙂


3 Facts for the Day

21 07 2013

1. I’m hoping this post is going to come out right. I will definitely pray over it before I hit publish. You know how you can have something in your head, but you worry if it will come out as well formulated as it rests inside your brain? Well, bare with me as I pull this one out. Today when I went to grab lunch, I witnessed an encounter between two co-workers. One person seemed calm in their approach. The other person appeared obviously defensive. It wasn’t just defensive. It was also rude. I was a little shocked that there seemed to be no concern for either me hearing it, or the feelings of the individual on the receiving end. I realize, of course, that I only saw a piece of an interaction. I cannot know what events may have transpired prior to this incident. I also know that every one has a bad day. That being said, this isn’t about a particular conversation I heard, but rather a central theme that this occurrence brought to my mind. How do our encounters with people every day reflect on our character? Read that sentence again if you need to. In other words, how does our reaction to day-to-day events paint a picture of the person we are or even claim to be?
2. On another thread (that I promise to somehow string together), I began to think of how people respond to how they are viewed. What I mean is, I often see people concerned with what other people think of their life or lifestyle choices. Not everyone does. Some people could care less. But, still, there’s a lot of people out there who do care. Maybe even the ones who say they don’t, care a little. You’ll hear, “Don’t judge me” or “take a walk in my shoes”. Not everyone who says one of those comments fits into this category, but often, the people who say “don’t judge me”, are feeling convicted perhaps. I could be way off base. I’m merely going by past, personal experience. I often felt judged when I didn’t have things right with God. I noticed all the hypocrites, and brought them to center stage so I felt better. I called people who weren’t doing what I may be doing, “judgmental”. What exactly makes a person worry about if their choices are right? Is the “church” responsible for making you feel judged? Is it really? Are you really just experiencing love and concern? I don’t know. It’s just a question to think about.
3. I may not know specifically what you’re experiencing. I only know me. I know what conviction feels like. It’s that nagging feeling that I’m not where I need to be with stuff. I know what condemnation feels like. It’s that depressing feeling that you’re not good enough because of all that “stuff”. It’s a lie, and it’s not of God. I know that, for me, as I fell deeper in love with Jesus, I decided I wanted to please Him. I can think of many things I do for my spouse simply because I love him. There’s also things I wouldn’t do, because I love and respect him. As I fell deeper into my relationship with The Lord, I wanted to please Him. I started getting rid of “stuff” that I didn’t think would please Him. I didn’t do it for the “church” or for other people. I did it for God. A love like that can make you change so many things. I started to become aware of how I reacted with others. A poor attitude on the job just didn’t seem pleasing to Him. I fell so in love with Him that I wanted to share it with others. I realized that the best way to do that is by showing His love through displaying His character. There comes a time when you realize your actions and behaviors must parallel your commitment to Christ. You come to understand that you’ve been adopted into a Heavenly family and you have to keep up the good name. I in no way want to give the impression that I’m an expert at this. I’m not. I mess up all the time. I’m still working on my temper. But the thing is, I’m trying. My desire is to please Him, not others. My desire is to love others, and He will be pleased. Maybe this post rubs you the wrong way. Don’t feel condemned, but if God wants to convict you, then that’s good. Don’t change because you feel judged by man. Change because you want to for our Father. Live each moment, make each decision, and craft each word with His heart in mind. When you do, you’ll discover it’s not rules, it’s freedom.
Psalm 51:10
Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.
That is all 🙂


3 Facts for the Day

20 07 2013

1. Today was a beautiful summer day in my opinion. We went swimming in our wading pool out in the back yard. It’s shallow enough so that Chloe can stand, but deep enough for Mommy to enjoy too. After a dose of sunscreen and putting on her hat, I placed Bailey in her Mickey Mouse float that also has a canopy to protect from the sun. Anything worth doing is worth doing well, right? She actually enjoys floating around, and will do so for as long as I let her. She likes for me to push her around and make motor boat sounds. Funny the things you do. Naturally, the two year old is always in mild jealousy mode. After a session around the pool in our little boat, I relaxed against the side. Chloe proceeded to go over to Bailey’s float and hastily bang the canopy shut and give it a not-too-friendly shove. I said, “Hey! You better not do that again or you’re getting out of the pool and sitting in the chair for 5 minutes. And 5 minutes is a long time for a little kid!” That’s the truth, isn’t it? Five minutes is an eternity when you’re two.
2. Y’all know how my brain works. I immediately thought about God’s timing. When 5 minutes seems forever to a two year old, but is merely a minuscule moment in time for me; what of God’s timing? What about all that stuff I got on my mind? What about the dreams, goals, or fervent prayers I think on daily? I wait anxiously to see them fulfilled. It made me wonder; am I like an impatient two year old? Am I thinking hurry, hurry, and God is thinking, “it hasn’t even been 5 minutes yet kid!” Then it hit me. I reckon God has got me in a time out! I wondered why this hadn’t occurred to me yet. That got me to thinking “exactly what is a time out?” Well, usually you put a kid in time out for their own good, first off. They typically get a bit rambunctious and get a bright idea of doing something stupid. They think its a good idea, though. They may even feel like you’ll approve of it. You typically foresee someone getting hurt, or some other poor outcome, and intercede with a time out. What happens during time out? Well, the goal is that they’ll think about what they’ve done. Even if they just sit there fiddling with a loose thread on their clothes, at least, you can mostly count on them not doing it again. When they emerge from the 5 minutes of pure torture, they’re better than before. They’re more eager to listen and follow direction. I figured maybe God wants me to sit still and think about things. Before I can run off doing what I think is best, maybe I need to spend His 5 minutes learning from my mistakes. Maybe as I wait, I’ll grow from His instruction and come off the couch with better ears for His directions.
3. When I think about waiting on promises, I think of Abraham. God told him that he would be a father of many nations. He couldn’t see how that could be with Sarah unable to produce a single heir. But God kept His promise. In his old age, he and Sarah had a son. I like a verse from Hebrews that speaks of this.
Hebrews 6:15
And so after waiting patiently, Abraham received what was promised.

Patiently it said. Oops. I would imagine I probably resemble my two year old in time out, fidgeting and crying, “Momma, can I get up yet?!” Today as I was thinking about all of this in the swimming pool, in the back of my mind I was thinking we might have to go in. There was a large gray cloud overhead. It had blocked the sun, and I wasn’t sure if swimming weather was in store for us. I began to watch the clouds and decided to wait. I watched as the gray cloud blew away. I watched in wonder as I glimpsed magnificent rays of sunshine burst through the cloud cover. The sun once again began to shine down on us, and we continued to swim. It reminded me of God’s timing and His promises. Before the brightest light is recognized, there are often shadows. It is after being in the gloom, that you can stretch out your arms and enjoy the warmth of brilliant sunshine on your skin. I reckon God may have me in a time out. How I deal with it is up to me. I will be still Lord. I will wait. Has God got you in a time out? How will you respond?
That is all 🙂